Meet more of our team


David Liu Deepa Kakkar Irin Wu
David Liu, Relationship Manager, China Deepa Kakkar, Member Services Executive, India Irin Wu, Financial Controller, UK

I feel that Sedex helps me to broaden my understanding of the CSR industry and I have a deeper understanding about why our members or ourselves are doing what we are doing now.

We are making the world we live in a better place.

The best part of working at Sedex is to be able to contribute my skills and have the opportunity to make the world better and the working conditions of people.

I enjoy working at Sedex because I have the opportunity to use my skills to improve workers’ rights globally. I love seeing the innovative solutions to promote the values of fair and equal treatment of workers, issues that are gaining relevance with today’s consumer.


Eve Pienaar Harry He Stan Qian
Eve Pienaar, Company Secretary, UK Harry He, Human Resources Specialist, China Stan Qian, Customer Service and Engagement Executive, China

I love working at Sedex because I learn something new every day and feel I am contributing in a small way to making the lives of workers around the world better and safer.

I am very happy to be part of the Sedex family.  Working at Sedex has given me happiness and satisfaction, and the culture embraces my youth and enthusiasm. I love meeting people and working here. “Great oaks from little acorns grow”, and I am pleased to be growing with Sedex.

It is really an honor to work for Sedex. For me the best part of this job is to have the chance to dedicate myself to the filed of global sustainable development and help customers simplify the business of responsible trade.


Sammi Tu Olivia Thomson Cissy Jiang
Sammi Tu, Strategic Relationship Manager, China Olivia Thomson, Communications Manager, UK Cissy Jiang, Customer Service and Engagement Executive, China

I am passionate about working at Sedex, a fantastic big family. I enjoy learning and improving when I communicate with members, stakeholders, and companies/organisations from different industries day by day. The more challenge every day, the more progress!

Sedex is a fantastic company with a clear and positive purpose – it’s a privilege to work here. Everyone is passionate about helping businesses be more responsible, with worker wellbeing at the core. With our company growing and developing the solutions we offer so we can support more widely, it’s an exciting time to be at Sedex.

To help companies improve their responsible and sustainable business practices, and source responsibly makes sense! It drives me to work at Sedex!



Nicol Poblete
Cecilia Menicucci, Senior Ethical Trade Coordinator, UK Nicol Poblete, Operations Assistant, Chile Fernando Valenzuela, Account Manager, Chile 
It is very motivating to be part of Sedex. A place in constant improvement and growth. A respectful, friendly, straight forward and collaborative work environment. Sedex has been a great learning experience for me, it has allowed me to improve as a professional through the years opening the doors to a globalised, multicultural quality team. At Sedex, I understood the importance of ethical business and how it takes it to another level through all the tools! Working at Sedex allows me to understand the needs of companies and their employees at a regional level, and be a part of finding solutions for common issues, improving their working conditions.


Shaun Mooney, Digital Marketing Manager, UK Jessica McGoverne, Director of Corporate Affairs, UK Sal Ali, Ethical Trade Coordinator, UK
Sedex has a friendly and fun culture, and fitting in came really naturally. Everyone is passionate about delivering great work, aiming to make a difference to the lives of people in supply chains. I enjoy working with colleagues across various departments to deliver challenging and exciting projects to contribute towards this goal. Working at Sedex enables me to support improvement in working conditions all over the world and impact people’s lives. There’s rarely a day I am not learning something new – its highly rewarding. Through Sedex, I have learnt the importance of ethical trade and responsible sourcing. We work at improving the lives of millions of people globally as ethical trading isn’t just about improving working conditions but looking beyond compliance.



Tony Wang
Tony Wang, Brand and Corporate Affairs Manager, China Soraya Candimba, Project Coordinator, UK Alexander Walrut, Head of Office, Australia
Sedex offers you fun corporate atmosphere and the opportunity to experience a global culture with strong work ethic. Most importantly, I feel rewarded and motivated by the opportunity that I am giving back a little bit to the world by working here everyday. I enjoy working at Sedex because it allows me to grow and I have found all the necessary support to further my career. There are always exciting opportunities and I feel supported as everyone is very open to sharing their knowledge. Sedex is an amazing place to work – from positive people to an ethical culture. At Sedex you’re not just promoting more sustainable supply chains, you’re having a measurable impact on people’s lives.


Teri Lewis, Human Resources Advisor, UK Rebekah Toomey, Head of Customer Relationships, UK Elly Neale, Product Executive, UK
I am proud to be working in Sedex’s HR department, helping to ensure we recruit the right people and to keep our existing team motivated and engaged to enable us to keep providing an excellent service to our members. By doing the work I do, I play a small part in helping improve the lives of workers across the globe. It has been a real honour to be part of Sedex’s growth over the last 10 years and contribute to the continued success of our outreach. The work that we do has a positive impact on millions of people worldwide and I am really excited about the plans we have for the future. Working at Sedex has allowed me to gain invaluable industry knowledge, and provided the opportunity to collaborate with sustainability experts. At Sedex, there is a range of people from across the world, that use their unique backgrounds to help make improvements in ethical supply chains.