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Trusted audit partners

To ensure audit quality, only Sedex approved Affiliate Audit Companies can conduct SMETA audits.

Sedex Approved Audit Companies

At Sedex, we work with the best audit firms, collaborating to drive improvements. You can view a list of our approved Approved Audit Companies (AACs) below. 

These Affiliate Audit Companies (including any of their subsidiaries, unless otherwise specified) are all APSCA members and can currently carry out all types of in-person SMETA audits. All auditors who are completing a Sedex Virtual Assessment (SVA) will need to be vetted. For further information on the vetting requirements, please refer to the Sedex Virtual Assessment AAC Vetting Criteria and Process Guidance or contact us.

As part of the Audit Quality Programme, Affiliate Audit Companies may be temporarily suspended. During the period of suspension Affiliate Audit Companies are not allowed to carry out SMETA activities. Sedex will review when and under what condition suspended audit companies may resume their SMETA activities.

All impacted member will be updated for any change of status of suspended Affiliate Audit Companies.

As part of the Audit Quality Programme, the following Affiliate Audit Companies have been terminated. Terminated audit companies will no longer be able to conduct SMETA audits. Members with visibility of audits conducted by terminated audit firms in the previous 12 months will be alerted when termination is confirmed.

  • Global Group

SMETA fees

SMETA is only available to Sedex members, and only Sedex Approved Auditors can conduct SMETA. 

All auditors are required to pay a fee to access SMETA or upload a non-SMETA audit to the Sedex platform. This cost is fixed and will be charged directly to the audit company: 

  • SMETA Audits are £80 per audit for Sedex Members
  • Non-SMETA Audits are £200 per audit for Sedex Members 

*Effective from 1 July 2024, the fees for SMETA audits will be charged at £150 per audit.

Sedex Audit Quality Programme

We believe in the importance of continuous improvement, so we work hard with our audit partners to ensure we are delivering best in class audits.   

To drive this, we have an Audit Quality Programme which aims to:

  • Maintain the quality of SMETA audits  
  • Improve detection and reporting of onsite issues 
  • Ensure consistency across our Affiliate Audit Companies  

Audit quality is important to us. If you need to raise a grievance about an auditor or audit company, please contact 

Interested in speaking with the Sedex team?