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Comply with sustainability legislation

Stay ahead of local, national, and international laws to avoid sanctions, brand damage, and supply chain disruption.

Benefits for your business

Many governments around the world are using legislation to drive sustainable business practices. Organisations need to identify these laws so that they can demonstrate they are satisfying all operational requirements.

Avoid penalties and fines

The SMETA audit assesses whether suppliers are complying with legislation, labour standards, and more, with a corrective action plan to address non-compliances.

Prevent supply chain disruption

Scalable risk analysis combined with on-the-ground audits enable you to address the highest risks, take action, and build resilience across your supply chain

Protect your brand & business

Our integrated data platform empowers you to proactively tackle reputational and operational risks and drive improvements across your supply chain.

Demonstrate transparency

Sedex reporting tools enable your business to easily share supply chain data, performance insights, and progress against goals with consumers and investors.

How we help

Sedex helps businesses identify and comply with local, national. and international laws so that they can be more responsive to ESG regulations.

  • Assess: Use our assessment tools and data insights to demonstrate steps you are taking to comply with legislation.
  • Identify: Our industry experts will help you identify which current and future laws you need to be aware of and help to put actions in place to ensure compliance.
  • Report: Use our reporting tools to share your sustainable sourcing activities publicly with stakeholders.
  • Stay informed: As a Sedex member, you’ll receive regular updates on upcoming legislation via personalized guidance, events, the Sedex Community, and your Relationship Manager.

Explore current and upcoming international legislation

A hammer on top of a large pile of papers

UK Modern Slavery Act

The UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 sets out the legal requirements for how organisations must address and report on modern slavery.

US Legislation Guide

This interactive guide provides information on the forced labour laws that impact US businesses most significantly.

Key legislation

Learn about the key country laws that businesses need to be aware of, to understand how it affects them and what they must do to comply with them.

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