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Your sustainability data in one place

Join the world’s largest data platform for supply chain assessment, to store, analyse, share, and report on sustainability practices.

Benefits for your business

The Sedex platform has been helping businesses manage sustainability practices in their supply chain for over 20 years.

Work quickly and efficiently

The platform is intuitive and easy-to-use, with simple reporting functionality to share data

Save internal time and costs

Our scale brings efficiencies, with an unrivalled amount of supplier data already on the platform

Improve performance

Drive positive and continuous improvement across your business and supply chain

Quick and easy reporting

View and share your business and supplier performance with internal and external stakeholders

Increase internal expertise

Increase knowledge and capability in your business through eLearning resources and training sessions

Assessing risk in your supply chain

Our risk assessment tool, Radar, allows you to carry out a risk assessment of your own business and on your suppliers, focusing on country, sector and site.

  • Quickly and easily identify suppliers operating in high risk environments
  • Drill down to specific sites to better understand and support suppliers
  • Create action plans to work with suppliers to make improvements
  • Mitigate potential risks in your supply chain, protecting your brand and business

Gain insights into supplier data with our Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

Our SAQ allows suppliers to simply share information about their business with customers, by completing a set of questions based on Labour, Health & Safety, Environment, and Business Ethics.

  • SAQ data is shared across customers, saving time and money
  • The platform helps you to easily prioritise areas that need action
  • SAQ is available in 11 languages, so easy for your suppliers across the world to complete
  • Suppliers are provided with the Management Controls Report, guiding them where to take action

Report on supply chain activities with Analytics

Sedex Analytics is a reporting platform that helps you to easily understand your supply chain, collate reports for stakeholders, and work with suppliers to implement improvements.

  • Easy to use interactive tool, giving a visual representation of your suppliers around the world
  • Flexible and quick to pull reports for key business stakeholders
  • Save time viewing your supply chain data in one place

Investing in new technology

We are transforming the Sedex platform to deliver a next generation experience for you and your teams. Book a demo to find out how joining Sedex will benefit your business. 

Sedex platform in numbers

Audits conducted on the Sedex platform
Supplier sites on the Sedex platform
28 Million
Workers impacted by Sedex members
Members using the Sedex platform across the world

Find out more about how our platform will transform your business.