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Report on supply chain data

Easily report data insights and ESG performance to internal and external stakeholders with Sedex’s suite of reporting and analytics tools.

Benefits for your business

Heightened scrutiny around corporate sustainability makes it vital to monitor and share sustainability performance in your supply chain to satisfy government requirements, as well as investor and public demand.

Improve performance

Use Sedex findings and scores to increase the sustainability of your own operations and your suppliers

Influence stakeholders

Report data insights and remediation progress to internal and external stakeholders to gain necessary support.

Comply with legislation

Easily demonstrate compliance with laws requiring you to publish your ESG and supply chain data

Adopt Transparency

Satisfy increasing consumer and investor demand for ESG initiatives by publicly reporting your supply chain findings

How we help

With Sedex, all your data is in one place. This makes it simple to track your supply chain’s ESG performance and share key insights with stakeholders using our reporting tools.

Sedex Customers

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