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Achieve your supply chain goals with Sedex

More than 85,000 businesses from across the world have made Sedex their trusted partner in creating a more socially and environmentally sustainable supply chain.

From our platform’s unrivalled data insights to our team’s expert guidance, Sedex makes it easy for you to manage, assess, and report on sustainability performance and, ultimately, meet your supply chain goals

Gain supply chain visibility 

Sedex’s data insights and tools give you full visibility into your business’s suppliers and it’s supply chain sustainability performance.

Manage and assess your supply chain risk

Identify, manage, and assess social and environmental supply chain risks with Sedex’s trusted suite of tools, data, and services.

Report on your supply chain

Leverage our platform’s reporting and analytics tools to easily report on ESG performance and opportunities to internal and external stakeholders. 

Comply with sustainability legislation

Stay ahead of local, national, and international laws to avoid sanctions, brand damage, and supply chain disruption.

How we help your business

Sedex’s leading technology platform, data insights, and expert guidance make it easy to reach your sustainable business goals.

Sedex Platform

Map your business’s suppliers to understand sustainability performance and respond to newly identified risks.


Gain visibility into working conditions and environmental performance in your supply chain with our world leading audit


Maximise the impact of your sustainability efforts with our leading data insights and industry expertise

Global expertise

Access regional advice from our experts, spanning 7 global offices and providing support across 12 languages.


Improve your business’s sustainability operations with our exclusive member training programs


Connect with our community of 75,000 like-minded businesses to share insights and best practices

Sedex in numbers

from across the world
conducted on the Sedex platform
covered by our membership
benefit from Sedex sustainability practices
of knowledge and data insights
1 in 10
companies are Sedex members

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