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Assess risks in your supply chain

Identify, manage, and assess social and environmental supply chain risks with Sedex’s trusted suite of tools, data, and services.

Benefits for your business

Gaining visibility of areas of risk within your business and supply chain allows you to prioritise higher level risks and take action before they become a problem.

Protect your brand & business

Mitigating risks within your supply chain will help protect your brand reputation and business revenue

Focus your internal resource

Prioritise more extensive audits and assessments for higher risk supplier sites

Comply with legislation

Avoid being penalised with fines or sanctions through national and international laws

Improve supplier performance

Build trust and long-term relationships with suppliers through improvement and remediation plans

How we help 

With Sedex you get easy access and visibility into business practices throughout your supply chain, allowing you to identify and prioritise risks in a cost-effective and timely way.

  • Analyse supplier data: Gain an understanding of the social and environmental performance of your suppliers through our assessment tools.
  • Risk assessment: Conduct a risk assessment of your own business and your supply chain on a country, sector and site level.
  • Audit: Our world leading audit methodology, SMETA, helps you to better understand the working conditions and environmental performance at sites within your supply chain.
  • Remediation: SMETA Audits provide a Corrective Action Plan for suppliers to help improve the working conditions and environmental issues from high-risk sites.

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