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Gain supply chain visibility

Sedex’s data insights and tools give you full visibility into your business, suppliers and the social and environmental sustainability of your supply chain.

How it works

You map your business and supplier data onto our leading technology platform, giving easy access and visibility into the sustainability practices within your supply chain.

This allows you to quickly identify and manage risks in a cost-effective way, and analyse and share data reports with your stakeholders.

Benefits for your business

Achieving visibility and an understanding of your business and supply chain practices can be challenging, but it is vital for your organisation to proactively identify and manage risks.

Uncover risk

Find, mitigate and report on social and environmental risks

Build resilience

Stay ahead of disruptions and build a more resilient supply chain

Protect your brand

Proactively manage your business and supply chain risks

Comply with legislation

Be prepared for, and stay compliant with, sustainability legislation

Report to stakeholders

Easily find and share the data insights, all from one platform

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