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Key legislation driving responsible business

Many governments around the world are using legislation to drive responsible business practices and positive impacts on people’s working conditions. These national laws require companies to manage their operational impacts on people and the environment, and report on their efforts to do this. It’s important for businesses to know what laws apply to them and how to comply with these.

Focus on responsible business practices and sustainable supply chains continues to grow around the world. Countries are increasingly adopting new legislation to support this, and build more responsible business operations in global supply chains.

The legislation a company needs to meet can vary depending on their size, turnover, sector and operating office location.

Here, we list key country laws that businesses need to be aware of, to understand what legislation is relevant to them, how it affects them and what they must do to comply with it.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how Sedex can help you comply with legislation that aims to improve responsible business operations.