Sedex Audit Quality Programme

The objectives of the Sedex Audit Quality Programme (AQP) are to raise the quality of SMETA audits, improve the detection and reporting of onsite issues and ensure consistency of auditing techniques, amongst Sedex’s pool of Affiliate Audit Companies (AACs).



Sedex has defined its approach to quality in its AQP policy and the SMETA minimum requirements. We are aligning with industry best practice and from 1st July will request all Affiliate Audit Companies to become an ASPCA member.

Throughout the programme, we will monitor our AACs through the following activities:

  • Self-Assessment: AACs self-assess their understanding of the AQP, including SMETA minimum requirements and AQP KPIs
  • Risk Identification: Sedex will use the SMETA audit data it holds on the platform to identify possible risks
  • Management Audit: An in-depth audit of our AACs management systems, including recruitment, training and integrity management
  • Shadow Audit: An in-depth observation of an individual auditor performing a SMETA audit
  • Progress Monitoring: Quarterly monitoring of AAC performance through the use of Key Performance Indicators.


The Sedex AQP programme seeks to encourage AACs to perform to their best by

01. Providing supporting tools such as:

  • E-learning for auditors, report reviewers and technical managers
  • Access to Radar to help better understand risk in specific sectors and at specific sites
  • Performance Management Dashboard, which tracks Key Performance Indicators and helps AACs benchmark themselves against their peers

02. Monitoring and identifying high-risk areas

03. Sanctioning poor performers

04. Offering a fair review process through its governance process.



The Sedex Audit Quality Programme will be implemented as follows:

Phase 1: From July 2020, Sedex will require all Sedex AACs to join APSCA (the Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors). Audit firms that are not ASPCA registered will not be able to conduct new SMETA audits.

Phase 1 – Release: July – October 2020, Sedex will release all components, apart from the management and shadow audits.

Phase 2: January 2021, Sedex will deploy the full AQP, including the sanctioning and governance process.

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