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Annual Radar data update 2022

Our supplier risk assessment tool, Radar, enables you to conduct a risk assessment of your business and supply chain, assessing risks by country, sector and site. The tool helps to prioritise high-risk areas of your supply chain and allows you to easily create focused action plans to help mitigate those risks.

Summary of the upcoming changes

This month, Radar will undergo an annual update of the datasets that underpin the inherent risk scores to ensure the underlying indicators are as accurate as possible.

Also included in this release are:

  • An update to our industry leading Forced Labour Index, which draws on multiple datasets and includes research into cases of forced labour across multiple industries in 248 countries.
  • The addition of one new index to the country scoring datasets. To reflect the increasing risk to workers’ health from climate change, we have added the ND-GAIN Country Index from the University of Notre Dame. This index summarises a country’s vulnerability to climate change and other global challenges in combination with its readiness to improve resilience. The impact of this change will be reflected in scores against the ‘health, safety and hygiene’ topic.
  • A change to risk-scoring of suppliers’ sites with migrant workers. The scoring will now distinguish between migrant workers who could be at increased risk as a result of internal migration, in addition to those at risk due to international migration.

For more information about Radar, including which countries and sectors are assessed, and how risk scores are calculated, you can view our Radar FAQs.

If you’re not a Sedex member and are interested in how Radar can help your business assess risks throughout your supply chain, get in touch with a member of our team today.