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Sedex Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2023

Sedex’s 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place online on Tuesday, 16 May 2023 at 12:00pm (BST).

We’re delighted to announce that all Resolutions presented to members at this year’s AGM were passed, with a minimum of 95% of votes in favour for each of the four Resolutions.

The Sedex Chair, Steven Esom, and Sedex’s Chief Executive Officer, Jon Hancock, updated Sedex members about business progress over the past 12 months, and the business strategy for 2023.

Sedex’s Chief Financial Officer, Sonny Bangar, provided an overview of the audited accounts for 2022. Sedex’s Director of Member and Customer Relations, Allison Hudson, presented on the value Sedex’s new Strategy will deliver for members.

Members had the opportunity to vote on the Resolutions of the 2023 AGM, which included approving Sedex’s audited accounts for 2022 and approving changes to the Sedex Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Sedex’s new Strategy: Become a leader in making global supply chains more socially and environmentally sustainable

Sedex recently launched an ambitious new strategy that aims to empower members to achieve their supply chain sustainability goals by providing cutting-edge solutions that support their efforts. It builds on Sedex’s established strengths of site-specific and scalable data tools, an integrated data platform, and supply chain assessment tools.

This is an exciting new chapter for Sedex – an opportunity for us to significantly enhance what our products and tools can do, and provide innovative solutions that help our members overcome the challenges they face in managing their supply chain sustainability risks.

We’ll be investing heavily in our platform, with a particular focus on delivering a smoother, more accessible user experience, better performance, and improved stability.

We’ll also deliver actionable social and environmental data insights for members, alongside other data-driven solutions to support decision-making.

Our AGM this year included some resolutions to enable this strategy and enable Sedex to receive external investment to fund it. We are delighted our members recognise the value of this and voted strongly in favour for these resolutions.

We look forward to delivering this vision for our members, providing the tools and services you have told us you want and need from Sedex. By continuing to build on our established strengths and investing in new innovation, we aim to remain at the forefront of the industry.

The new Sedex platform: Delivering exceptional tools and services

With exceptional data and unrivalled tools and services, Sedex makes it easier for businesses to continuously monitor their ESG outcomes. Learn about our new platform and its benefits to see how we can better help your business. We value serving as your partner in achieving supply chain sustainability.

Benefits of the New Platform:

Faster UX. Greater accessibility.

  • Provides more stability and stronger performance
  • Reduces time and increases accuracy with improved features, processes, and functionality
  • Enhances operational efficiency with faster supplier/site onboarding and clearer admin dashboards

Actionable social and environmental data insights

  • Surfaces key insights for targeted action and highlights critical areas for attention (e.g. outstanding non-compliance)
  • Supports risk prioritisation and proactive risk management through data-driven insights
  • Utilises a data-backed ratings solution for more refined decision-making
  • Improves supplier and site visibility with supply chain depth

Dynamic suite of assessment tools

  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ): Leverages improved SAQ to capture fundamental data points
  • Supplier Information Verification: Increases data quality and confidence with supplier verification (profile, SAQ)
  • SMETA Methodology: Drives increased risk detection and operational improvement with updated methodology
  • Alternative Assessments: Provides multiple assessment options alongside the on-site SMETA audit (e.g. worker survey, management system audit, topic audit, remote assessment)

Better value for supplier members

  • Supports faster onboarding and better SMETA alignment with a shorter Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Features training and guidance on opportunities beyond compliance
  • Exhibits intuitive design and clearer guidance, making the platform and tools more accessible
  • Fosters a Sedex Community, which offers a safe space to learn from peers and experts, discuss challenges and solutions, and identify new partners

Sedex Consulting: Customized, in-depth support

  • Expanded Consulting team offers tailored support to more members, in more languages
  • Upgraded eLearning platform provides extensive training, guidance, and learning opportunities


If you have any questions, please email us at

Sedex members can also refer back to the Sedex Community update and video of 14 February 2023 for more details.