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Sedex at a glance

Get to know Sedex through a few key statistics about us and our members.

Sedex began in 2004, set up for members to share data on their supply chains and operations with each other. Since then, we’ve grown into a global organisation spanning thousands of members in nearly every country.

Our company

Our offices cover every time-zone to support members around the globe.

Our multi-lingual Member Services team speak Dutch, Hindi, Mandarin, Russian and many more. On average each team member speaks three languages, and some speak five!

Our members

Sedex members span 170 countries and over 45 industries, representing all the different stages of a supply chain. From farmers and growers to factories and retailers, Sedex members represent a truly global cross-section of businesses.

Most Sedex members operate multiple work sites with dozens, or even thousands, of workers. This means that our member network encompasses millions of workers in supply chains.

On average, each Sedex member is linked to four others within the Sedex platform. This creates a network of buyers and suppliers that makes it easier for suppliers to share information with several customers at once, reducing audit duplication.

Our platform and assessments in 2021

Our members continued their efforts to understand working conditions across their supply chains throughout 2020, in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thousands of SMETA audits were conducted, and over 98,000 audit issues (non-compliances) were resolved – a 29% increase on 2020! ”Chemicals” remains the biggest subcategory of issues (non-compliances), followed by “Overtime”.

In 2020 we developed the Sedex Virtual Assessment – the first social compliance assessment designed specifically for a remote setting. This provides a practical alternative where in-person SMETA audits can’t take place. In 2021, more than 3,000 Virtual Assessments were conducted globally! You can read more about our activities and plans in our latest Annual Report.

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