Our Members

Our members form a global community of leaders who want to make it simpler to do business that’s good for everyone.

Below is a list of our Buyer (A) or Buyer/Supplier (AB) members who have provided their consent to be visible on our website. Please note: This list is not to be confused with our Member Directory, a service we provide to members only, allowing them to create profiles showcasing their credentails and connect with other responsible businesses, creating new opportunities.


Sedex member companies cover a wide number of industries and sectors across the world. While our original members were some of the world’s largest retailers and consumer brands, we now count companies from sectors including finance, airlines, construction and technology as part of our global community.


Sedex is a truly global community – our members can be found in 150 countries across the world. The Sedex team is also active on a global level; along with our HQ in London, UK we have an office in Shanghai, China. We also have global representatives in: Santiago, Chile; Sydney, Australia; Gurugram, India; and Tokyo, Japan.