Sedex Virtual Assessment

Introducing Sedex Virtual Assessment, our solution to provide remote assessments of sites and workplaces.

Sedex Virtual Assessment is a due diligence tool which an auditor uses to assess the performance of a site remotely through the use of video conferencing. This provides a practical alternative where SMETA audits cannot take place.

Sedex Virtual Assessment is aligned with SMETA, aiming to provide as much insight into working conditions at a site as possible. Following a thorough planning stage, auditors lead a virtual site tour through the use of video technology, as well as an examination of the site’s management systems and documentation.


How does Sedex Virtual Assessment work?

The assessment is broken down into several key stages, from the initial request for a Virtual Assessment, through to conducting the assessment and the following reporting.

Who can use Sedex Virtual Assessment?

A Sedex Virtual Assessment can be commissioned and paid for by either a Sedex buyer member, supplier members, or any other party with a legitimate interest in a site’s performance in relation to responsible business practices. However, unlike SMETA audits, there are additional requirements for a Virtual Assessment to be conducted.

A Sedex Virtual Assessment:

  • Can be used for initial, follow-up or periodic audits
  • Can only be used for announced audits
  • Can only be conducted by select Affiliate Audit Companies (AACs)
  • Has additional site suitability checks that a traditional SMETA audit does not have
  • Must be agreed by all parties that it is appropriate for that site and will be accepted by buying organisations before taking place

Sedex Virtual Assessments are not appropriate to be conducted at all sites. Once an assessment has been requested, the approved Affiliate Audit Company will need to determine if this site meets the established criteria and is suitable to proceed.

The Site Suitability Checks fall into three categories; Essential Parameters, Direct Worker Engagement Capabilities and Conditional Considerations.

For a Sedex Virtual Assessment to proceed, the site must be able to meet all of the requirements set out in the Essential Parameters. You can read more about the Site Suitability Checks in the following guidance.

Sedex Virtual Assessment – Overview for buyers

Sedex Virtual Assessment – Overview for suppliers


Sedex Virtual Assessment approved auditors

Not all of Sedex’s Affiliate Audit Companies (AACs) are authorised to conduct Sedex Virtual Assessments. The following AACs have been authorised to conduct Sedex Virtual Assessments at the moment. This is because they have met additional requirements, such as technological requirements. If you are an Affiliate Audit Company that would like to apply to Sedex to conduct Virtual Assessments, please contact [email protected].

  • ABS Quality Evaluations Inc
  • ALGI
  • Arche Advisors
  • Benchmarks Co., Ltd.
  • BSI Group
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Control Union Certifications
  • DNV GL
  • DQS CFS GmbH
  • Elevate Limited
  • Extensive Standard Technical Services Co., Ltd.
  • Insite Compliance LLC
  • International Compliance Group
  • Intertek
  • Lloyd’s Register
  • LSQA
  • Partner Africa
  • QIMA Ltd
  • Sipas
  • SGS
  • Sustainable Assurance Solutions Pty Ltd (SAS)
  • TUV Rheinland
  • UL
  • Verner Wheelock (incorporating KSSA)


Useful resources

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Sedex Virtual Assessment – Overview for Buyers

Sedex Virtual Assessment – Overview for Suppliers

Sedex Virtual Assessment Terms and Conditions of Use