Sedex partners with &Wider to launch direct worker reporting program

Sedex launches a direct worker reporting program to help businesses listen directly to workers, and to respond and improve working conditions in their business and supply chain during COVID-19 disruption.

Sedex is partnering with direct worker reporting provider &Wider, to deliver a solution that enables businesses to remotely hear from workers in their supply chains and will help respond to the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new program uses survey tools and mobile voice technology to enable feedback directly from workers throughout the supply chain, which will make the sharing and collection of direct feedback on workplace conditions simpler.

Gaining regular insights directly and anonymously from workers is crucial yet communicating directly with workers at scale can be challenging. Hearing directly from workers enables businesses to track changing working conditions and wellbeing of workers and enables efficient data collection to understand where to prioritise business’ response. Simon McCalla, Sedex Chief Executive, says, “Sedex is very excited to be launching our partnership with &Wider to support businesses to respond quickly to the needs of workers in their business and supply chain. The disruption caused by COVID-19 and the impact this is having on front-line workers who are now under new pressures, demonstrates the crucial need for businesses to ensure their workers’ health, safety and wellbeing is a business priority. Offering direct worker reporting is a key component of our strategy to provide organisations with the most trusted information products and services to drive responsible business practices in supply chains and impact the lives of people”.

Lea Esterhuizen, &Wider Founder and CEO, says, “Sedex and &Wider have been collaborating on different projects since 2017 and our partnership is testament to our shared vision – to improve working conditions for people globally. Sedex offering the worker voice tool demonstrates their purpose to move beyond compliance and have material impact on workers.”

Magali Martowicz, Sedex Director of Responsible Sourcing, says “Hearing straight from workers will allow our members to gain direct insights into workers’ experiences and priorities, especially at a time where audits are significantly disrupted. We have developed tailored solutions that members can use stand-alone or to complement other Sedex assessments. The insights collected by &Wider will enrich the Sedex data and provide insights into working conditions, livelihoods and wellbeing”.

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