Sedex CEO announcement

Steven Esom, Chairman, Sedex

It is with regret the Board of Directors of Sedex announces Jonathan Ivelaw-Chapman’s departure as Chief Executive Officer, effective 11th July 2018.  Since 2013, Jonathan has played a critical role in the development and success of our organisation. Whilst serving as CEO, Jonathan oversaw the transition to Sedex’s own IT future, expansion of our China operations, and taking the organisation into new territories including Australia, a company rebrand, and the growth of Sedex to over 50,000 members in 155 countries. Jonathan has brought a voice and awareness to our industry of a renewed Sedex, and was key in championing collaboration and simplification across the industry, maintaining Sedex’s voice in key stakeholder and industry initiatives around the globe. Jonathan will be joining the Responsible Business Alliance. The Board wishes Jonathan every success for the future.

It is the Board’s priority to find the best individual to lead and help Sedex continue along this successful trajectory and the search to appoint a new CEO which will commence shortly. Sedex has a talented and committed team of staff, each of whom play an integral role in the everyday running of Sedex. Sedex is well placed for future growth and I will be working closely with the Executive Team during this period of transition. I am pleased that Sedex is in a strong position with a progressive work plan for 2018 and beyond to support our existing and growing membership.

Yours sincerely,
Steven Esom, Chair


Jonathan Ivelaw-Chapman, Chief Executive Officer, Sedex

“I joined Sedex five years ago as a non-executive director and then worked as its CEO from autumn 2015. It’s been a remarkable journey and I am indebted to my team and the wider Sedex family for their support and our success in stabilising and growing the business, ready for the next chapter.”


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