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Sedex strengthens its presence in Australia to support companies manage responsible sourcing throughout their supply chain and combat modern slavery.


One of the world’s leading organisations for managing responsible sourcing in supply chains, Sedex, has opened a new office in Sydney and appointed a new Head of Office Australia. Sedex is continuing to strengthen its presence in Australia, supporting companies to operate ethically and sustainably, and fight modern slavery. Sedex, one of the world’s largest ethical audit platforms dedicated to providing transparency in global supply chains, has opened a new office in the Sydney CBD and appointed Michael Bradley as Head of Office Australia.

The new office and appointment builds on Sedex’s strategy to drive continuous improvement in the ethical performance of members in Australasia, as Sedex membership continues to grow, with more than 50,000 members across 155 countries. As Australia is expected to pass a Modern Slavery Act this year to tackle the risk of forced labour in supply chains and protect people vulnerable from enslavement, Sedex will be better positioned to support Australian companies on the ground.

Dan Murray, Head of Client Services at Sedex UK said: “As part of our strategy to support our members globally, we are continuing to strengthen our presence in Australia. It’s incredibly important for us to improve ethical performance and standards in social equality, the environment, health and safety and business compliance, throughout each tier of the supply chain. Our experience working with the Modern Day Slavery Act 2015 in the UK has positioned us to support Australian companies as the Australian legislation progresses.”

Michael Bradley, Head of Office Australia at Sedex said: “I am excited to be joining Sedex and expanding our efforts throughout the Australasia region. My initial priority is working in partnership with Australia Post, hosting the ‘Responsible Sourcing Conference for Small Businesses in Australia’, on 14th May in Melbourne. The conference is focusing on ‘Simplifying Responsible Sourcing’ and will bring together Sedex members and business leaders to meet face-to-face, share ideas, collaborate and build upon the wider, like-minded community.”


About Sedex

Sedex  is a not-for-profit membership organisation dedicated to supporting companies to manage responsible sourcing throughout their supply chains. Sedex operates the world’s largest ethical audit online platform for collecting and sharing ethical supply chain information. Sedex’s collaborative approach enables members to bring together many kinds of different data, standards and certifications to make informed business decisions, and drive continuous improvement at an international level.Sedex tools and services are used by more than 50,000 members in over 155 countries. Using Sedex allows members to improve workers’ rights, health and safety, and business ethics (such as anti-bribery and corruption) and mitigate environmental risks throughout each tier of their supply chain. Sedex is also home to SMETA, one of the most widely used social audit procedures in the world.

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