New SAQ Hub

On this page you will find resources to support the roll-out of our new Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).

SAQ training webinar recordings

As part of our rollout of the new SAQ, we held training webinars which introduced the new SAQ. It is strongly recommended that you view these webinars if you or your suppliers will be using the new SAQ for the first time.

Register for webinar – Buyers

Register for webinar – Suppliers

Supporting documents

SAQ Guidance This slide deck provides an overview of the new SAQ, designed to help prepare suppliers who are due to complete the SAQ.

SAQ FAQ This document answers commonly asked questions.

SAQ Briefing Note – Explains the rational behind the new SAQ question set.

How to choose a site activity – This document provides key tips for navigating ISIC Codes and selecting site activities, products and services for your business and supply chain.

Glossary of key terms – Definitions of terms used within the Site Profile e.g. ‘agency worker’, ‘mobile worker’ etc.

Step-by-step user guidance – This guidance document provides step-by-step instructions, including screenshots of the new SAQ. Log in to e-Learning to access this guidance.

Guidance for collecting and monitoring gender information – Supplier guidance for the collection of gender information to help inform you of the different situations of men and women in your workforce.

Previous webinar recordings

To support the move to the new SAQ we recorded a live webinar in November 2019, ‘Changes and developments to our SAQ’. A recording is available below.

This webinar explains our rationale for updating this tool and introduces you to the changes coming.

Specifically, we covered:

  • Why are we developing a new SAQ?
  • Changes to the tool
  • Implications for suppliers, buyers and auditors
  • Transition plans, training and support

Webinar recordings

Changes and developments to our SAQ – (English)

Cambios y Avances en nuestro Cuestinario de Autoevaluacíon (SAQ) – (Español)

Changes and developments to our SAQ (Hindi)

Changes and developments to our SAQ (Chinese)

Webinar slide deck

Slide deck – ‘Changes and developments to our SAQ’

Slide deck – ‘Cambios y Avances en nuestro Cuestionario de Autoevaluación (SAQ)’

Slide deck – ‘Changes and developments to our SAQ – Chinese’