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Sedex Annual Report 2022

Learn about Sedex’s business performance, activities and strategic development across 1 January 2022 – 31 December 2022. Read the full annual report, or skim the highlights below.

Sedex’s data insights, platform, assessment tools and solutions make it simpler for businesses to manage, improve and report on their supply chain ESG and sustainability goals.

2022 saw sustainability remain a critical focus area for businesses, investors, governments and consumers. Global disruptions applied pressure and exacerbated existing fault lines in supply chains, while several nations passed or proposed new laws that demand more from companies on supply chain transparency and sustainability due diligence.

As business stakeholders increase their knowledge, their attention reaches further into international supply networks as they seek to understand the full extent of a company’s social, ethical, and environmental risks and impacts.

2022 demonstrated that companies need our services more than ever. We emerged from the year a stronger, more resilient business, with a robust all-round performance that emphasises our value for businesses amid a turbulent geopolitical and economic context.  

Today, we have a global footprint of nearly 75,000 members across 180 countries, representing dozens of diverse industries. We are proud to support our members to progress sustainability deeper into their supply chains around the world.

“Key stakeholders including investors and legislators increasingly appreciate the role that sustainability plays in business resilience. Sedex is perfectly positioned to assist companies in meeting these stakeholders’ expectations.”

Jon Hancock, Chief Executive Officer

Business highlights

  • 20% year-on-year financial growth, with a turnover of £24.3 million.
  • 12% increase in membership numbers.
  • 104,000 work sites mapped.
  • 116,000 non-compliances closed.
  • 18% growth in staff numbers, including 3 new members of our Executive Team.
  • Expanding in the US, to firmly establish our presence and be closer to more members and their supply chains.
  • We made fantastic progress on our platform transformation – over 50% of user journeys in the new platform by the end of 2022.
  • Launched features including a new Site Compliance Report, new customer API, and new e-Learning portal.

The Sedex members approved the accounts for our 2022 Annual Report at the Sedex Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 16 May 2023.

Our members rightly demand more support from Sedex to support them in these challenging times; we are determined to meet those demands.

Our new strategy is designed to provide increased support and better value for businesses, through an adaptable suite of data-driven services that enable tangible improvement in supply chain sustainability while helping companies respond to the shifting demands of their stakeholders.”

Steven Esom, Chair of the Sedex Board

Building our new Strategy to make global supply chains more socially and environmentally sustainable

Across 2022, we invested significant time and resources to develop a new Strategy.

Over 2,100 members shared their strategic needs and how we can evolve our offering to meet those challenges. Informed by this research, work with ESG experts and insight from Sedex teams, our new Strategy focuses on five areas:

  • Making data, analytics and ratings central to everything Sedex does.
  • Providing an assortment of dynamic assessment tools that allow businesses to assess risk and analyse conditions based on the characteristics of workplaces, such as country, sector and business type.
  • Growing and fulfil our potential by expanding into attractive markets globally.

We’ll also continue working on the Sedex platform transformation, to deliver speed, accessibility, and intelligent features to support supply chain leaders with their sustainability goals.

To deliver the exceptional, intelligent solutions businesses need, Sedex is seeking external investment for our ambitious strategy.

Through insightful data, accessible tools, and services that make it easier for businesses to continuously improve their ESG outcomes, we’ll be a critical partner for supply chain sustainability.

Learn how Sedex can help your business – speak to our team today.