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Training on common audit topics – Chinese

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Training on common audit topics – Chinese
Monday 19 December 2022 – Sunday 31 December 2023
00:00 GMT – 11:00 GMT (CST)
In person

This course helps companies to use the correct management tools and methods to identify the root causes of problems and develop solutions, as well as providing guidance on corporate reference practices and ongoing CAP follow-up.

Course outline:

SMETA Frequently Asked Questions and Reference Practice:

1. Analysis of SMETA audit data
2. SMETA frequently asked questions and the corresponding laws and regulations
3. SMETA frequently asked questions and reference practice

Fire Safety:

1. Framework of current fire safety laws, regulations and technical standards
2. Fire safety management systems and permits
3. Common causes of fire, fire hazards and their control measures
4. Common fire safety issues in SMETA audits and reference practice
5. Fire safety design of buildings
6. Fire equipment deployment, management and escape

Chemical Safety:

1. The Importance of Hazardous Chemicals Management
2. Fundamentals of Hazardous Chemicals Management
3. Hazardous Chemicals Regulations and Policies
4. Hazardous Chemical Safety Management in Practice
5. Emergency Management of Hazardous Chemical Accidents


1. Environmental Laws and Regulations Compliance Management
2. Environmental Factor Identification and Evaluation
3. Environmental management practices in production operations
4. Environmental emergency management measures and drills

Format: Classroom

Duration: 8 or 16 hours

Language: Mandarin

Suitable for: Sedex members and non-members

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