Code of Conduct Acceptance Programme

Your challenge

Communicating your standards in a Supplier Code of Conduct is an important part of ensuring your suppliers are aware of your expectations. But contacting your suppliers, following up and making sure that they’ve accepted the code takes valuable time and resources.

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Our solution

Our Supplier Code of Conduct Acceptance Programme manages the whole process around Codes of Conduct for you. We contact suppliers, track responses and keep you updated throughout.


How does the programme work?

Together we agree on the programme time scales

The Sedex team sends your Supplier Code of Conduct to the correct supplier contact

We then follow up with reminder communications

We’ll develop a bespoke report for you, to monitor responses and acceptances from suppliers

We’ll finish the project with a review meeting to discuss results


  • We’ll take care of the time-consuming administration for you
  • So you can manage large volumes of supplier communications centrally and receive one bespoke tracking report
  • We will accurately track Supplier Code of Conduct acceptances
  • You’ll receive detailed insight into your suppliers’ responses and questions regarding the Code of Conduct
  • And we will swiftly respond to your suppliers, acknowledging their responses to the project communications


More information

The Suppler Code of Conduct Acceptance Programme is designed to support Buyer (A) and Buyer/Supplier (AB) members. For more information on how we can help you with your Code of Conduct programme, please contact your Account Manager.

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