Sedex Ethical Trade Coordinator Service

The Ethical Trade Coordinator Service supports Buyer (A) and Buyer/Supplier (AB) members to manage their supply chain processes and increase supply chain transparency. The service provides you with a dedicated Sedex resource to directly assist you with stakeholder engagement, audit support and analysis, helping you to identify and manage risks within your value chain.

Your Challenge

Managing ethical trade, engaging with suppliers and responding to auditing queries can be complex and challenging. Limited time and resource can make it difficult to accumulate all your ethical data requirements from large supply chains. This could affect the integrity of your supply chain data analysis and reduces control of risk management, potentially impacting your business performance.

Our Solution

Sedex can provide you with the resources to support ethical trade in your organisation. We have the expertise and insight to understand common issues and challenges affecting your business.

Sedex will assist you with implementing the Sedex platform and supply chain best practice processes. We will engage with stakeholders to facilitate supplier-customer relationships and supply chain mapping. This will create visibility of supplier sites, support audit grading and reporting, and minimise non-compliance issues, allowing you to focus resources on other important aspects of your business.

Having someone in house who has knowledge of SMETA methodology and Sedex Advance with full access to the whole system allows us time to focus on the high-risk issues, whilst our data is still being properly assessed and managed.

Marks & Spencer


  • Support supplier and stakeholder engagement and minimise outstanding non-compliances.
  • Help to effectively implement your ethical trade strategy.
  • Facilitate communications and enhance relationships between customers and suppliers.
  • Have immediate access to in-house expertise about Sedex platforms and industry knowledge.
  • Save time and resources for staff to focus on other aspects of the business.
  • Support audit grading and reporting for your sustainability and ethical departments.
  • Increase transparency of your supply chain and your ethical performance.

How to implement the programme

  1. Sedex will meet with you to review your specific business needs and develop a tailored strategy to support these requirements.
  2. A dedicated Sedex staff member with specialised skills will be embedded in your organisation on an interim or ongoing basis.
  3. Sedex will work with your business, stakeholders, suppliers and customers to implement best practices for supply chain management.

To find out more about this service please contact your account manager. If you’re not yet a Sedex member and would like to find out more, please email us at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)203 893 8318.

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