Affiliate Audit Companies

Sedex works with audit companies, known as Affiliate Audit Companies, to offer SMETA audits. Learn more about Affiliate Audit Companies or apply to become one.


An Affiliate Audit Company (AAC) is an audit company that can conduct SMETA and other social audits for Sedex members. Audit companies must meet a set of criteria to be a Sedex AAC and have a Sedex Affiliate Auditor account to conduct SMETA audits.  

From January 2021, only audit companies with full APSCA (Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors) membership are eligible to be Affiliate Audit Companies.  

Learn more about our programme to drive audit quality below. 

List of Affiliate Audit Companies (APSCA members)

These AACs are APSCA members and can carry out all types of forms or SMETA audits with no restrictions.

  • ABS Quality Evaluations Inc.
  • Accordia Global Compliance Group
  • ALGI
  • API Audit Limited
  • Arche Advisors
  • AUS – Meat
  • Benchmarks Co., Ltd.
  • BSI Group
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Bureau Veritas Certification
  • Centre Testing International Corporation
  • Control Union Certifications
  • DNV
  • DQS CFS GmbH
  • Elevate Limited
  • Ethical Trade Services Africa
  • Eurofins
  • Extensive Standard Technical Services Co., Ltd.
  • GlobalGroup Certification., Ltd
  • GSCS International ltd
  • IBL Africa
  • Insite Compliance
  • International Compliance Group
  • IQ Net (will be listed on APSCA website upon completion of enrolment)
  • Lloyd’s Register
  • LSQA
  • NSF Certification UK Ltd
  • Omega Compliance
  • Openview Service Limited
  • Partner Africa
  • Primus Auditing Ops
  • QIMA Ltd
  • SCS Global Services
  • SGS
  • Sipas
  • SMT Global Ltd (Excel Sustainability Management & Technology Co.)
  • Social Compliance Services Asia
  • Sustainable Assurance Solutions Pty Ltd (SAS)
  • TUV Rheinland
  • URS Verification Private Limited
  • UL
  • V-Trust
  • Verisio Ltd
  • Verner Wheelock (incorporating KSSA)

Becoming a Sedex Affiliate Audit Company

Becoming a Sedex Affiliate Audit Company comes with many benefits: 

  • Your company will be authorised to carry out SMETA audits for Sedex members and non-members.  
  • Access the functionalities and benefits of the Sedex Advance platform, which audit companies can use to manage data from multiple locations in one account. 
  • Develop best practice processes for conducting audits. 
  • Store, share and act on resulting audit data through the value chain. 

Audit companies must have full APSCA membership and oblige to the auditor rules to be eligible for becoming a Sedex Affiliate Audit Company

If you would like to apply to become a Sedex AAC please contact [email protected].


Notwithstanding anything in these Rules, Sedex reserves the right to control the number of AACs which form part of its AQP offering, at any point in time. Sedex reserves full discretion to accept any new audit firm as a Sedex AAC, irrespective of whether or not said audit firm would otherwise be eligible to join the AQP. Sedex will accept no liability for refusing to accept any new AAC members of its AQP offering.

Sedex Audit Quality Programme

Sedex has developed an Audit Quality Programme to improve the quality of SMETA and audit data, to drive positive change in responsible sourcing for our members. 

As part of this programme we are reviewing and developing the processes for: 

  1. Selecting audit companies who can become an Affiliate Audit Company and can conduct SMETA audits
  2. Ensuring compliance with the Sedex Auditor Rules, including dealing with complaints and grievances that may arise from time to time 
  3. Supporting our AACs by providing guidance, training and access to Sedex tools   
  4. Managing the performance of our AACs and reviewing our relationship with AACs who do not meet our requirements. 

Learn more about Sedex’s SMETA audit.