What the upcoming changes to ‘My Relationships’ in Sedex Advance mean for you

As part of our digital transformation, we’re changing how you manage your supply chain on the Sedex Advance platform, and developing brand new functionality, embedding automation, and supercharging performance to deliver a next-generation experience for you and your teams.

What’s changing?

Most members manage their supply chain through the My Relationships page within Sedex Advance. This allows you to:

  • Initiate a relationship with another Sedex member
  • Link a supplier to a customer
  • Assign SAQs
  • Search for a customer or a supplier
  • Edit their commercial start date, add a customer reference, and edit site visibility
  • View supplier site information and audit history
  • Reject a relationship

We’re moving most of this functionality to the new platform to make it quicker and easier for members to manage their supply chain.

All your existing links (relationships) will be transferred automatically to the new platform.

When is this change happening?

You can already link to another Sedex member and link a supplier to a customer in the new platform. Later this year we will be bringing the remaining functionality into the new platform, so you’ll be able to: search for all your linked customers or suppliers, edit their details, accept/reject link requests, and view supplier site information and audit history.

How can you keep up to date with the changes?

We’ll keep our members notified of any changes via email, platform notifications, Built for you webinars and social media. You can also see the latest changes we’ve made to the new platform.

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