Sedex platform transformation

Successfully managing your operations and sourcing responsibly relies on visibility, transparency, and strong stakeholder relationships. This is even more apparent today given the disruption and demands imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you move forward, you need a platform to help you quickly and effectively respond to changing customer and market demands.

Flexibility and agility are key to successfully stay on your path to growth, and responsibly manage your operations and supply chains. We’re transforming our platform to help you thrive in this new world.


We’re rebuilding our leading platform during 2021 and 2022

Driven by your feedback we’re embarking on an ambitious platform transformation programme during 2021 and 2022.

We’re building brand new functionality, embedding automation, supercharging performance, and delivering a next generation experience for you and your teams. We’re excited by this transformation and the increased flexibility, speed, and value it will give you.


Why are we transforming the platform?

Rebuilding the platform is a core part of our purpose to provide the most trusted and efficient information, tools, and services you need to improve working conditions in your global supply chains.

Wherever you are in the world, we’re here to support your commitment to responsible sourcing. That’s why we’re making our leading platform work even harder for you.


What are we focusing on?

It’s an ambitious transformation of the entire platform. These are some of the things we’re doing in 2021.

  • Embedding automation to speed up and simplify workflows, so you can focus on managing the important work of responsible sourcing
  • Re-creating the user experience to better meet your needs
  • Making it easier to access your data and connect with stakeholders across your supply chain
  • Streamlining the audit process for members
  • Strengthening performance giving you access to your data with minimal delay and maximum reliability.


How can I access new functionality?

To give you a seamless experience, we’ll be releasing new functionality gradually during 2021 and 2022.  We’ll keep you updated as we move forward and ensure your needs and feedback are integrated as we rebuild the platform.  We’ll use our normal communication channels to keep you updated of important milestones and news.


How can I get involved?

Your feedback is central to the platform transformation. To ensure this is embedded in the platform rebuild, we’ve created an Early Access Group (EAG) programme. This programme allows members to preview and use new features before they are rolled out more widely.  EAG members are shaping the next generation platform for responsible sourcing and getting a head start on using new features.


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Who do I contact for more information?

Please email [email protected] with any questions or reach out to your usual Sedex contacts.