Sedex launches Audit Verifier

We are pleased to share the launch of our Audit Verifier. This new tool enables anyone to verify that an audit has taken place, and that it is a SMETA audit.

Anyone can use the Audit Verifier tool on our website – all you need is an email address and the unique reference number (URN) for the SMETA audit.

The tool verifies the:

  • Affiliate Audit Company who conducted the audit udit company
  • Name of company where the audit took place
  • Site location
  • Date the audit took place
  • Whether it was an on-site SMETA audit or Virtual Assessment

If an audit URN is incorrect or cannot be matched with a SMETA audit on the Sedex platform, the Audit Verifier will identify this. This can then be raised with Sedex’s audit team for investigation.

More information

We have developed this tool as part of our Audit Quality Programme (AQP), our strategic quality assurance programme aiming to maintain auditing standards and SMETA as the leading social audit methodology.

If you would like more information about the Audit Verifier or Audit Quality Programme, please contact [email protected]




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