Analytics for Suppliers (Sedex Analytics)

Introducing your new supply chain reporting tool – Sedex’s analytics for suppliers tool is a must have for buyers.

Sedex Analytics is designed to help buyers understand their supply chain and work with suppliers to implement improvements.

Sedex Analytics provides Sedex members with the core functionality of Data Monitor, our previous reporting tool, with a faster, easier-to-use interactive tool, giving buyers a quick, visual representation of your suppliers around the world. Buyers can view common findings from their supply chain readily, such as non-compliances. The worker analysis feature provides visibility of workers in a buyer’s supply chain, providing gender breakdown and worker type data, for example, agency workers and contractors.

Supplier members can benefit from visibility across their total business, including reports relating to all of their sites and reports on modular SAQs assigned to suppliers by their customers (buyers).

Sedex Analytics’ key features

  • Improved user experience with a new, intuitive user interface
  • Powered by 15 years+ of ethical audit data
  • Interactive maps and powerful dashboards
  • Analyse specific areas of supply chain risk, such as gender and responsible recruitment
  • A range of formats for you to download data and reports


Key reports for buyers

My Supply Chain – Access audits and findings, SAQ analysis and answers, supplier site worker data, and adoption of eLearning in your supply chain.

Reports in this area:

  • My Suppliers Tracker
  • My Suppliers Membership Status
  • My Suppliers Audits and Findings
  • My Suppliers SAQ Analysis and Answers
  • My Suppliers Site Workers
  • Single Supplier Site Overview

Global Reporting and Insights – Access reports with global statistics and trends from anonymised data from across Sedex.

Reports in this area:

  • Global Non-Compliance Breakdown


Key reports for suppliers

My Company – Get a topdown view of all the sites within your company, around the world.

Reports in this area:

  • My Sites Audits and Findings
  • My Sites SAQ Analysis and Answers
  • My Sites Tracker
  • My Sites Worker Numbers

My Sites Modular SAQ –  Access reports on any modular SAQs assigned to you by your customers.


Key reports for buyers and suppliers

My Administrative Reports – View visible sites, your supplier membership and your account users.

Reports in this area:

  • Suppliers Membership Administrative Dashboard
  • Sites Visible to Customers (for supplier members)
  • Supplier Membership Adminstrative Dashboard

Management Control in My Business Report – See an overview of how well risks are controlled and managed.

The aims of the report are to:

  • Show your customers how risks are being addressed and highlight where you have established systems to manage labour, health and safety, environment and business ethics standards
  • Assess performance and help you decide where to focus improvement efforts
  • Support improvement by linking to guidance for the SMETA pillars



Key reports for Affiliate Audit Companies

Auditor Dashboard – Includes audit findings and a list of Sedex users.

Reports in this area:

  • List of Audits and Findings
  • Auditor List of Users Report
  • SAQ Answers for Auditors
  • SAQ Overview for Auditors

My Audits – Access reports relating to SAQ overview and audit uploads.


Get started with our Sedex Analytics guide

This guidance document will show you how to navigate through the tool, and get started with the various reports you will find within.

How does Sedex Analytics' launch affect Data Monitor?

Data Monitor, our previous supply chain reporting tool, will continue to be supported until the end of 2019. This will allow our members enough time to familiarise their business with the new reporting tool.

All reports available in Data Monitor will continue to be available in Sedex Analytics.

How do I download my data?

There are various options to download reports using the ‘Download’ button on each report. These allow you to download a dashboard or report in various formats, such as image, PDF, and Crosstab (for Excel). If you wish to download the data behind a dashboard, look for the ‘Data Sheet’ button on most interactive dashboards.

Will Sedex build new reports?

Sedex will continue to add more reports on an ongoing basis, responding to member needs and requests.