Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

Sedex’s Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) enables Sedex supplier members to share information about their business with their customers by completing a comprehensive yet straightforward set of questions, tailored to different business types.

The SAQ provides buyers with an understanding of ethical and labour standards within their suppliers’ head offices and individual sites, with questions aligning with the four pillars of our audit methodology, SMETA: Labour, Health and Safety, Environment and Business Ethics. Sedex buyer members can access submitted SAQ data as a download or within our risk assessment tool.

For Sedex supplier members, the SAQ provides feedback for current business practices and areas of improvement to help enhance performance, and as the SAQ aligns with SMETA it can be used as a pre-audit tool to help you prepare for a SMETA audit. The SAQ is available in 11 languages, making it easier for suppliers around the world to complete.

The SAQ utilises new methodology and incorporates responsible sourcing best practice, with collaboration from stakeholders including Ergon Associates.


Benefits for buyers

  • Improved visibility of global supply chains– The SAQ enables buyers to understand their global supply chain workforce, for example the gender, nationalities, location and contract types of worker.
  • Actionable, prioritised information – The SAQ’s output reports support buyers, suppliers and auditors to respond appropriately.
  • Improved methodology to more effectively capture site-based risk – The SAQ has been designed to be sector-agnostic, as well as comprehensively catering for goods and service providers (including agents and labour providers). Goods providers are asked questions at a site level, whereas service providers are asked at a head office / enterprise level.


Benefits for suppliers

  • Management Controls Report, and supporting guidance – Sedex supplier members will receive a Management Controls Report after successfully completing the SAQ. This report will provide suppliers with a score, measured against the four SMETA pillars of Labour, Health and Safety, Environment and Business Ethics, which suppliers can share internally and with customers. This report supports suppliers to demonstrate the business processes that they have implemented to offset inherent risk associated with business sector and country.
  • The SAQ can help you prepare for SMETA audit – Our SAQ is aligned with SMETA 6.1 and its four pillars.
  • Supports improvement and enhances business relationships – The SAQ captures business KPIs, and will allow you to understand year-on-year improvements, supporting you to demonstrate positive practices and improvement journeys.


SAQ flyer


Visit our SAQ Hub for supporting documents