Offline Audit Tool

The Sedex Offline Audit Tool (OAT) is an easy-to-use tool developed to enable auditors to instantaneously capture data and produce a Corrective Action Plan Report (CAPR) on-site during an audit.

The tool allows auditors to conduct audits in remote locations without internet access, and then simply upload the audit report to Sedex Advance when it is convenient, syncing over an internet connection. The Offline Audit Tool is available to Sedex Affiliate Audit Company (AAC) members.
The Offline Audit Tool application supports the audit process by providing a real-time tool for the auditor to capture their findings and produce a completed Corrective Action Plan Report (CAPR) at the supplier’s site. Once the audit is completed the tool allows auditors to produce the comprehensive SMETA report which can be automatically uploaded to the Sedex Advance system.

Your challenge

Manually completing site audits in remote locations without internet access is restrictive and time consuming. This limits your ability to upload audit information in real-time, causing delays uploading data and completing reports. Manual data entry duplicates reporting requirements, which increases the risk for inaccuracies when re-entering the data into the Sedex Advance platform.

Your solution

The Offline Audit Tool allows you to audit a site and immediately capture your findings on-site in real time without access to the internet. Once the audit is complete, you can generate a completed CAPR at the customer’s site, and upload to Sedex Advance when it is convenient. This can be directly issued to the supplier, allowing them to respond promptly to any actions required from the audit. The tool decreases duplication, saving you time and money, and gives you the flexibility to complete audit reporting anywhere, anytime and improving accuracy of your data.

How to implement the Offline Audit Tool

• Complete an audit report and Corrective Action Plan Report on site without internet access.
• The tool is compatible with Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA), one of the most widely-used ethical audit formats in the world. This allows you to produce a comprehensive SMETA report, which can be either a 2 pillar or 4 pillar version.
• Using a synchronisation function, you can directly upload a report and findings into the Sedex Advance platform (when internet is available).
• Generate a CAPR at the customer’s site and immediately issue this to the supplier.
• Re-assign audits back to the auditor if amendments are required.


• Saves time through the automatic synchronisation of data from the offline audit tool into Sedex Advance.
• Improves the accuracy of audit data by eliminating the transfer of manually captured data to the system.
• Supports a more flexible and streamlined audit process.
• Improves the quality of reports, by allowing you to easily record findings and provide supporting photos and attachments for your reports.
• Enables customers to respond promptly to actions that result from a site audit.
• Assists audit companies managing large rosters of offline auditors to better manage auditing and reporting, creating a more consistent and robust approach.

Improvements to Sedex Advance to carry forward non-compliances

We have been improving Sedex Advance’s functionality to carry forward non-compliances. This will deliver a process for handling open non-compliances (NCs) for a site on a previous audit report, helping to avoid duplication and remove redundant open NCs from Sedex Advance.
The functionality will allow Sedex Members and Auditors to manage the quality of audit data and move towards providing a true and verified picture of current and open non-compliances.
At the time of launch of this functionality, to support the new process we will run a one-off “clean-up” of open historical NCs on Sedex Advance. All open non-compliances that have been superseded by a new published ‘Periodic’ audit will be automatically closed and changed into a new status of ‘Superseded’.

Going forward, when a new ‘Periodic Audit’ is initiated on a site, all open NCs that date back to ‘Full Initial Audit’ or last ‘Periodic’ will be carried forward to the new ‘Periodic Audit’:
• If the same NC has been raised three times in the previous audit cycle, these will show as three open non-compliances on the new ‘Periodic Audit’.
• If the open NCs is verified on the ‘Periodic Audit’, then each NC will need to be closed on Sedex Advance. Once the audit is published, then the system will automatically close that NC in its respective audits.

To find out more about this service please contact your account manager. If you’re not yet a Sedex member and would like to find out more, please email us at [email protected] or call us on: +44 (0)203 893 8318.

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