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We're Updating Sedex's Terms of Service (Ts & Cs)

We’re making some changes to our standard Terms and Conditions to make things clearer. The updated Terms and Conditions will apply to Sedex customers from 13 July 2024.

Sedex is delivering an existing strategy that aims to provide exceptional tools and services to our customers, to better support you with your supply chain sustainability goals.

As part of enabling our Strategy, and following the Resolutions passed at our Annual General Meeting last year, we have reviewed the Sedex Terms of Service – also known as our Terms and Conditions (or “Ts and Cs”).

Based on feedback from our customers, we’ve updated our Ts and Cs to make them clearer, more accessible and more in line with current market practices. These will continue to be known as our Terms and Conditions, or Ts and Cs.

The updated Ts and Cs will apply from 13 July 2024. The document in the Sedex Platform footer will be updated automatically – you don’t need to do or change anything.

These updates won’t affect the services we provide to you, our day-to-day operations or our commitments to our customers.

What’s changing?

We’ve set out the key changes in the new Ts and Cs from the previous Terms of Service:

Simpler language

We’ve simplified the language so that it’s clear what each party’s rights and obligations are in using the Sedex Platform, data shared by users, personal data and each user’s intellectual property.

Clearer definitions

We’ve provided clear definitions (see the section titled “Schedule 1” in the updated Ts & Cs), and changed the format to make the Ts and Cs easier to read and navigate.

Fairer approach to liability and indemnity

We recognised that having an unlimited liability cap for our customers was not in line with market practice, and have introduced a fairer approach to liability and indemnity.

Additional terms

We’ve separated out the additional terms that apply to the use of the Sedex Platform, and what membership of Sedex Holdings Limited means (see the section titled “Exhibit 1”).

Clear expectations

In Exhibit 1, we’ve set out what you can expect from us in terms of Sedex Platform availability and support, and what we expect from you in relation to your user type. We have also included what happens with SMETA and other audits or assessments, and how to invoke our Grievance Process.

View the proposed updates to the Terms and Conditions.

What’s staying the same?

Your service from Sedex

These changes won’t affect our service levels in any way. You won’t see any difference in how we operate our Platform, tools, or other services – except where we make them better!

How you contact and pay Sedex

All Sedex contact details in all regions will remain the same.

The same range of payment options to pay Sedex will remain available. Payments made on the Sedex platform will still be made in the same way.

What if I’ve negotiated changes to the Terms of Service/Ts and Cs?

Any changes to the Sedex Terms and Conditions that have been negotiated with individual members will remain in force for the initial term of the agreement you have signed with us.

There’s no need for you to do anything to retain your negotiated terms, as we hold the contractual history for each customer on our systems for our records.

Get in touch

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the updated Terms and Conditions, please contact us through your usual Sedex contact or via one of our Helpdesk teams.