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Driving Sedex’s new Strategy: updates coming to our Terms of Service (Terms and Conditions)

We’re making some minor changes to our standard Terms and Conditions as part of enabling our new Strategy.

Earlier this year, Sedex launched an exciting new Strategy that aims to deliver exceptional tools and services to our members, to better support them with their supply chain sustainability goals.

As part of enabling our Strategy, and following the Resolutions passed at Sedex’s Annual General Meeting in May, we’ll be making some minor changes to the Sedex Terms of Service, also known as our Terms and Conditions.

We expect that these changes will apply from around 1 July 2023. Our Terms and Conditions will be updated automatically – as a Sedex member, you don’t need to do anything.

These changes won’t affect the services we provide to you, our day-to-day operations, or our commitments to our members.

What’s changing?

Right to assign member contracts to a new Sedex subsidiary company

Sedex has created a new subsidiary operating company. We’re updating our Terms and Conditions to include a new right for Sedex to assign (transfer) our current contracts with our members to this new subsidiary.  

We’re also updating references to the Sedex business as part of this, including referring to the Sedex Group where relevant.  

The bank account details for paying Sedex

We have new bank account details for our members to pay into.

The new bank account details will appear on invoices after the changes to our Terms and Conditions take effect (on or around 1 July 2023).

View the proposed updates to the Terms and Conditions.

What’s staying the same?

Your service from Sedex

These changes won’t affect our members’ service levels from Sedex in any way. You won’t see any difference in how we operate our platform, tools, or other services – except where we make them better!

Even the name of your service provider – Sedex Information Exchange Limited – will ultimately stay the same (although the company number will change).

Any negotiated changes to the Terms and Conditions

Any changes to the Sedex Terms and Conditions that were negotiated with individual members will automatically apply to the updated Terms and Conditions – there is no need for members to do anything to reinstate these changes.

We hold all the contractual history with each member on our systems, for our records.

How you contact and pay Sedex

All Sedex contact details in all regions will remain the same.

The same range of payment options to pay Sedex will remain available. Payments made on the Sedex platform will still be made in the same way.

Learn more about our new Strategy.

Get in touch

If, as a Sedex member, you have any concerns or questions regarding the updated Terms and Conditions, please contact us through your usual Sedex contact, or via one of our Helpdesk teams.