At Sedex, our mission is to drive organisations globally to improve the lives of the people they impact. Sedex is organised and controlled to help fulfil this mission.

Sedex Information Exchange (Sedex) is a membership association and is incorporated in the UK as a company limited by guarantee. As a membership association Sedex operates for the mutual benefit of all its members, and membership fees are invested to deliver the responsible business tools and services we provide to achieve our mission.

Sedex is headquartered in London, UK, with regional offices located in Gurugram, Santiago de Chile, Shanghai and Sydney.

To find out more about corporate governance at Sedex, including the roles and responsibilities of the Sedex Board, please read our General Explanation of Sedex Corporate Governance.

Following an in-depth governance review during 2020, the Sedex Board of Directors recommended to the membership that certain changes be made to the Articles of Association of the company.  The principal changes were around Board composition (bringing a balance of Member Directors and Independent Non Executive Directors, and increasing the number of Executive Directors, from one, to two Board roles).  These changes also included a review of the composition of the Board Standing Committees, in line with the UK Corporate Governance Code.  Importantly, the changes to the Articles provide that all members are to have equal voting rights going forwards, at general meetings of the membership.  None of these changes affect the products and services to which members have subscribed.  These changes were unanimously approved by the membership at its Extraordinary General Meeting on 7th December, 2020.  These changes are reflected in the Articles of Association of the company, which can be found here.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance of Sedex. The Board is responsible for setting Sedex’s strategic aims, providing the leadership to put them into effect, supervising the management of the business and reporting to Sedex’s members on the Board’s stewardship.

In line with the Sedex Articles of Association the Sedex Board of Directors comprises up to twelve Directors. Five are elected Member Directors, five are Independent Non-Executive Directors and two are Executive Directors (the CEO and CFO).

See the current members of the Sedex Board on the Sedex team page.


Governance documents

General Explanation of Sedex Corporate Governance

Sedex Articles of Association

Terms of Reference

Board Handbook

Member Director elections Rules

Official notice for Sedex Annual General Meeting 2021

Sedex Nomination Committee

Audit and Risk Committee

Sedex Remuneration Committee

Annual Report 2020

To view all of our annual reports, please visit our reports page.