Worker Accommodation Webinars


This five-part series has been designed for companies that accommodate temporary workers in caravan-style accommodation in the UK. Developed by UK retailers and ESC International, the training is free and interactive, focusing on health, safety and worker experience, including 3D visuals and risk assessment demonstrations.  

What to expect from this course

We want to track participation and impact of this training, so you will need to fill in a form with some details before you can access each webinar. If you fill in the survey at the end, you will automatically receive a certificate of completion which you can download and show your customers.

Please note, information you provide in the webforms will only be shared anonymously with any declared customers that are Sedex members. 

Access the delegate pack here. This training is based on the Fresh Produce Consortium’s Guidance on provision of caravan accommodation for temporary workers in the UK which you can access here

Module 1 Introduction and background

  • Sets the expectation of the course
  • Identifies why this training is needed, and the general state of worker caravans in the UK today
  • Hear directly from workers about their experiences, and why it is essential that good accommodation is put in place
  • Examine who holds responsibility when accommodating workers (even if using a third party or labour provider)
  • Highlights what can happen when things go wrong, and the business case for investment in living conditions improvements for your businesses and the industry as a whole.

Module 2 Legal and other requirements

  • Outlines important standards that need to be considered and complied with when improving or developing your sites
  • Understand essential legal requirements relating to worker temporary caravan accommodation
  • Understand the requirements of other assurance schemes and industry standards in relation to housing workers in temporary caravans

Module 3 Risk assessment

  • Understand the common risks and hazards regarding accommodation and why risk assessing is an essential element in protecting your workers
  • Learn how to risk assess and use a basic risk assessment template
  • Work through a demonstration fire risk assessment using a 3D caravan fly through

Module 4 Benchmark indicators

  • Learn how to apply specific benchmark indicators to your site
  • Identify areas where your business needs to improve
  • Another step in the journey in achieving the safest possible standards

Module 5 Site management programme, communication and reporting systems

  • Apply what has been learnt to plan, build and deliver an effective accommodation site management programme
  • Outlines a series of regular inspections and checks which form an integral part of your programme
  • Highlights the benefits of developing reporting and feedback systems to communicate with workers, ensuring that remain central to your programme