Renewing your supplier (B) membership

You must renew your Sedex supplier membership to continue sharing ethical business data with your customers.

Is your business’ Sedex supplier membership due for renewal? Renew today to ensure your business can continue to meet your customers’ requests to share data, provide visibility of your business practices, and make use of our tools and services to implement improvements in your business.

Renewing your membership is quick and easy. All you need to do is login to the Sedex platform and follow the instructions below.

Renew your Sedex membership



For a step-by-step guide on renewing your supplier membership, follow these simple instructions, or watch the video below which takes you through the payment process.

Joining Sedex and paying for your site

What’s included in your Sedex supplier membership

Our Sedex Member Directory allows you to create a listing for your business, so that you can advertise your products and services, as well as your business’s ethical credentials, to prospective customers that are looking for ethical suppliers. A Sedex Member Directory is included in your supplier membership.

Sedex has launched several new tools and services which are included in your membership fee. As a supplier member of Sedex you will have access to:

  • Sedex Advance, our ethical data platform
  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)
  • Sedex e-Learning
  • Supplier Workbook
  • Supplier Training
  • Sedex Member Directory
  • Sedex Analytics

Renew your Sedex membership


Frequently asked questions

How long does membership last?

Sedex membership lasts for 12 months, though you can choose to have a longer membership. Enter the number of years on the ‘Extend subscription by’ under the ‘Subscription information’ section when making payment in Sedex Advance.

The renewal will take into consideration your account’s current expiration date and will count ahead from that date as long as your account is active. You will not pay for any overlap.

How can I pay for my membership?

You have two options for method of payment for your membership. You can pay by either credit/debit card or bank transfer. For more information on how to pay your membership fee, please visit our payment options page.

How can I renew my supplier membership and add new sites at the same time?

If you need to renew your membership and add more sites, log in to Sedex Advance and navigate to ‘Payments’ and enter the (new) total number of sites. This is the total number of sites you already have plus the number of new sites. For example, if you already have 2 sites and you need to add a new site, you would need to enter 3 total sites and then extend your membership for the number of years that you wish to have this membership.

How long does it take for my company account to be activated?

Your account will be activated immediately if you pay by credit/debit card. Bank transfer payments can take 4 – 7 working days for your account to be activated.

My account is still showing as lapsed, but I have already paid. Why?

Your account will take between 4 – 7 working days to be activated if you pay by bank transfer. Please contact our Member Services Team if your account is  still lapsed after 7 working days.

I need to renew my membership, but I forgot my password. How can I reset my password to log in?

You can change your account password from the Sedex Advance homepage. Click ‘Log In’ and scroll down below the log in fields and click on ‘Reset my password’. Enter your own user email address and then click ‘Send me an email’. You will receive an email with a confirmation link tom reset your password. You must click this reset link within the next 48 hours to set up your new password.

Where can I get the invoice after I have paid and renewed my membership?

You can find your VAT invoice on your Sedex account. Log in to Sedex Advance and navigate to ‘Company’, then ‘My Company’ in the navigation menu. Then click on ‘Payment History’ where you can download invoices to print and/or save to your computer.