Auditor Training

We offer two types of training sessions for auditors; one to help using Sedex Advance, the other to support auditors carrying out SMETA audits.


Also, Sedex e-Learning is a new platform giving all Sedex members access to a wide range of sustainability resources and training modules to support their responsible sourcing strategy. This includes new training videos for Sedex Advance, the SMETA suite of tools, and additional resources for corporate social responsibility programmes.

Auditor System Training (Including Offline Audit Tool)

This training session is for auditors who are new to using Sedex Advance and would like to know how to upload and manage audits on the system. Please note: This session will not teach you about SMETA methodology.

In this session you will learn:

• How to access and upload an audit.

• How to work through non-compliances.

• How the Offline Audit Tool is used.

• Where to find resources and guidance for auditors and suppliers.

To view training dates available, log into Sedex e-Learning and view the training calendar: 

Introduction to SMETA

This live online training session is a two-hour introduction to SMETA, including:

  • Overview of the SMETA methodology and where it sits within Sedex
  • How do auditors use the SMETA documents?
  • Updates within version 6.0
  • Other SMETA tools for members

The session is open to all membership types – Buyer (A), Buyer/Supplier (AB), Supplier (B) and auditors, as well as non-Sedex members.

Sedex members

To view training dates available, log into Sedex e-Learning and view the training calendar: 


To attend there is a fee of £100.00. You can view available dates in the calendar below. To find out more, please contact our training team directly at

SMETA Foundation Workshop

This one-day workshop is primarily designed for auditors who are either new to the SMETA methodology or would like to refresh their knowledge of it. However, it is also useful to anyone with social auditing experience, including ethical trade managers, social compliance managers and internal auditors. The session focuses on helping you understand and use the materials available to conduct a SMETA audit.

The workshop is not intended to replace any formal training in social auditing skills. Therefore, it is only open to people who have previously had some auditor skills training and experience as an auditor.

To support our global membership, we have a network of trainers throughout the world who are licensed to deliver the SMETA Foundation Workshop.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to use the SMETA Best Practice Guidance, Measurement Criteria, Report and Corrective Action Plan Report (CAPR)
  • What additional Sedex/SMETA resources can support the SMETA audit

Workshop trainers


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Training calendar

In the below calendar, you can find workshops and online sessions for SMETA. These are available for members and non-members, please hover over the training dates to find more details about pricing and who to contact. Click on the session date to complete and send the booking form directly.

Sedex members can book live webinars for Sedex Advance, to do so please go to the training calendar on Sedex e-Learning.