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Announcing the new Sedex Member Directors

Following the Member Director elections today at the Sedex Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2021, we would like to announce the two new Member Directors who were elected to the Sedex Board:

Michelle French, Director, Global Sustainability Programs, Archer Daniels Midland CompanyKatie Knaggs, Group Ethical Sourcing Manager, Costa Pty Ltd

The Member Directors sit on the Board and represent the interests of our members at Board meetings, helping to influence the strategic planning and decision-making of Sedex to achieve our goals and improve responsible sourcing globally. We would like to warmly welcome Michelle and Katie to the Sedex Board.

As part of the AGM, the members also passed resolutions to:

  • Re-appoint Samuel Cliff, Mardee Job and Kevin O’Neill as Member Directors
  • Approve the annual accounts for 2020
  • Appoint RSM UK Audit LLP as auditor of the Company
  • Amend the Articles of Association of the Company by deleting the existing Article 46 and substituting the following: “46. Subject to Article 43, and where Member Director vacancies arise, at every annual general meeting Member Directors shall be proposed for election to the Board to reflect the composition of the Board as set out in Article 41. The Nomination Committee shall recommend and the Board shall publish election Rules, including the number of Member Director vacancies, and minimum eligibility criteria, not less than one month prior to the annual general meeting at which elections are to be held. The Rules will set out the procedure for administering Member Director elections. Any changes to the Member Director election Rules shall require Board approval by a quorate meeting of the Board at which all Directors attending and voting vote in favour of such changes. The Board shall have the power to appoint the candidates selected by such Member Director elections in accordance with such Rules to be Member Directors and shall do so promptly following the relevant annual general meeting.”

You can view a recording of the AGM here.

For more information about Sedex governance, please contact us at