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Supplier membership enables you to share data about your business with your customers quickly and easily, improve ethical practices, and demonstrate sustainable performance to your customers.

Our platform allows you to upload data once and share with multiple customers, saving you time and money.

Our tools and reports help you quickly identify priority areas for improvement in your business processes, and our eLearning provides you with the knowledge and guidance to improve your ethical practices.

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Sedex supplier membership enables your business to:

Share information just once with multiple customers

Our platform enables you to upload questionnaires and audits once, and share them with multiple customers.



Improve your ethical business standards

Our tools and reports help you to identify priority issues at your business sites. Our eLearning offers guidance, showing you how to improve ethical business practices.


Attract and connect with new customers

Showcase your business’ ethical credentials to potential new customers with the Sedex Member Directory.





The annual membership fee for Supplier (B) members is £110 per site, per year (VAT is chargeable to UK companies only), or 1320RMB in China if you pay the Sedex China office by BACS.

Register for supplier membership

Registering for supplier membership is quick and easy. Just visit our platform, Sedex Advance, to register and pay for an account.

For a step by step guide on joining Sedex, follow these simple instructions or watch this video  to learn about registering and paying for your Sedex membership.

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“Using Sedex Advance to link to our suppliers and view their current audits makes the process simple yet very effective. We can view up-to-date and robust information and the suppliers are spared the inconvenience of yet another audit.”

Sharon Childs, The Sourcing Team