Affiliate Audit Companies

Becoming a Sedex Affiliate Audit Company will help you develop best-practice processes for conducting audits and enable you to store, share and act on resulting audit data through the value chain.

Only audit companies with a Sedex Affiliate Auditor account can conduct SMETA audits and access the functionalities and benefits of the Sedex Advance system, which audit companies can use to manage data from multiple locations in one account.

Sedex has now re-opened the AAC application process. Any audit companies wanting to become AACs will need to have full APSCA membership. If you want to apply please complete the application form and send it to

Sedex Audit Quality Programme

Sedex is developing an audit quality programme to improve the quality of SMETA and audit data, to drive positive change in responsible sourcing for our members.

As part of this programme we are reviewing and developing the process for:

1. Selecting audit companies who can become an Affiliate Audit Company and can conduct SMETA audits

2. Compliance with the SMETA minimum requirements

3. Implementing an appropriate Appeals Procedure

4. Ongoing performance management to ensure auditors appropriately conduct audits and properly capture audit data on a consistent basis

We will launch the audit quality programme mid-2020.


Sedex Affiliate Audit Companies 

The following audit companies are currently users of Sedex and SMETA:

List of Affiliate Audit Companies (APSCA members)

These AACs are APSCA members and can carry out all types of forms or SMETA audits with no restrictions.

  • ABS Quality Evaluations Inc.
  • Accordia Global Compliance Group 
  • ALGI
  • API Audit Limited
  • Arche Advisors 
  • AUS – Meat 
  • Benchmarks Co., Ltd.
  • BSI Group
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Bureau Veritas Certification
  • Centre Testing International Corporation
  • Control Union Certifications
  • DNV GL
  • DQS CFS GmbH
  • Elevate Limited
  • Ethical Trade Services Africa
  • Eurofins
  • Extensive Standard Technical Services Co., Ltd.
  • GlobalGroup Certification., Ltd
  • GSCS
  • Insite Compliance
  • International Compliance Group
  • Leverage Limited
  • Lloyd’s Register
  • LSQA
  • NSF Certification UK Ltd
  • Omega Compliance
  • Openview Service Limited
  • Partner Africa
  • Primus Auditing Ops
  • QIMA Ltd
  • SCS Global Services
  • SGS
  • Sipas
  • SMT Global Ltd (Excel Sustainability Management & Technology Co.)
  • Social Compliance Services Asia 
  • TUV Rheinland
  • UL
  • V – trust
  • Verisio Ltd
  • Verner Wheelock (incorporating KSSA)

List of Affiliate Audit Companies (Provisional)

These AACs are going through the application process to become APSCA members, and can carry out all types of audits with no restrictions until 30th September 2020. If and when they become an APSCA member, they will be moved to the list of “list of AAC (APSCA members)” above. If by 30th of September they haven’t received a decision on their APSCA application, they will be moved to the ‘list of AAC (Non-APSCA members)’ below and enter the grace period until 31st of December 2020.

  • AJA Bangladesh Ltd
  • IBL Africa
  • IQ Net Ltd
  • TUV Austria
  • URS Verification Private Limited

List of Affiliate Audit Companies (non-APSCA members)

These AACs are not APSCA members. They have entered a 6-month grace period until 31st December 2020. During this time, they will only be allowed to conduct follow-up audits to clear outstanding non-compliances. If and when they become an APSCA member, they will be moved to the list of “list of AAC (APSCA members)” above.

  • ACTE International
  • Manumit87
  • Ecocert IMOswiss AG
  • Hong Kong Q.C. Center
  • Institute of Quality and Control (IQC)
  • MPS – ECAS
  • The Reassurance Network
  • Wieta

Benefits for Affiliate Audit Companies

  • Authorised to conduct SMETA audits
  • Permanent login facilities to Sedex
  • Pre-populated email address on the Sedex system, making it easier for a supplier to select you as their chosen auditor
  • Access to member self-assessment data, once you have been nominated as an audit partner of that member
  • Access to non-compliance and other data relating to audit reports uploaded by your own company
  • Central view of your own audit company’s audit data