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Sedex China Brand Brochure

Find out more about Sedex China’s tools, services and projects.

Sedex is a global membership-based responsible business platform that works with companies/organisations across the value chain to promote responsible and sustainable business performance and to advance the harmonisation and balance of business, society and the environment.

We operate a global platform for responsible business information. Sedex also has a globally used responsible supply chain assessment programme, SMETA, which is recognised as one of the ways to assess supply chain sustainability. SDGs to help any business/organisation with a relevant need to be more comfortable doing business sustainably in order to meet the requirements of stakeholders from governments, customers, consumers and investment markets and to support the progressive achievement of their sustainability goals.

Sedex offers the Sedex Responsible Business Development Programme for businesses/organisations with a need for responsible supply chain management and sustainability performance improvement, based on the whole process of responsible supply chain injury reduction, divided into 7 phases. No matter where a company/organisation is in the Responsible Business journey, it can be accessed and developed at any time, and each extreme can be matched with the appropriate Sedex product or service.

With a deep understanding of the changes and challenges of responsible business in China, and with Sedex’s experience and expertise in serving Chinese businesses for over 10 years, we have adapted our projects to suit different needs, and through solutions and case studies, we can help you better understand how to implement, land and deliver results.

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