Our Partners

Sedex strategically partners with a number of sustainability stakeholders around the world.

Our collaborations enable us to share insights with like-minded organisations to drive collaboration, increase transparency, reduce duplication and build the capacity that’s needed to raise standards across all tiers of the supply chain.


&Wider is a direct worker reporting provider that helps businesses and organisations listen to workers, respond, and improve working conditions and workplace communications. Sedex and &Wider launched their partnership in 2020, to deliver a solution that enables Sedex members to remotely hear from workers in their supply chains. The program uses survey tools and mobile voice technology to enable feedback directly from workers and helps Sedex members complement information gained through site assessments. To find out more about direct worker reporting click here or visit the &Wider website https://www.andwider.com/.


APSCA (the Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors) was created to enhance the professionalism, consistency and credibility of individual auditors and organisations performing independent social compliance audits. It also promotes the use of independent social compliance audits as a tool to advance workplace conditions for workers globally.

Sedex sits on the Stakeholder Board of APSCA. The Stakeholder Board: develops recommendations which support the mission and objectives of the organisation; represents interests of all stakeholders; and nominates board representatives.


Sedex and Ardea International are collaborating to help Sedex members build their knowledge of sustainability and responsible sourcing. Ardea provides legal and commercial expertise to help businesses become compliant and develop best practice procedures. This supports businesses to play a key role in delivering sustainability, business, and human rights objectives within an environmental, social and financial context.

Ardea has been supportive of Sedex for many years and both organisations share partnerships with CRT Japan. Our shared values and vision help organisations to manage risk in their supply chains.

The partnership will allow members to access Ardea’s online resources, including specialist training, and provide them with resources to manage the risk of forced labour and modern slavery in their organisations and supply chains. Ardea’s expertise in sustainability strengthens the partnership, empowering members to manage their environmental and sustainability impacts.

Over the course of 2019 Sedex and Ardea will identify the needs of Sedex members to develop easy-to-use, legally compliant best practice guides and further online courses.


Sedex has signed a memorandum of understanding with Clearview, to collaborate and strengthen the labour standards of labour recruiters and tackle the risks related to responsible sourcing. Clearview is a global certification scheme for labour providers and labour recruiters. We share a vision for improving labour standards across supply chains, and increasing the level of visibility within labour providers.

The partnership will enable members using the Sedex platform, to track the status of labour providers in their supply chains and give them greater assurance around the standards that are being operated, increasing labour transparency. Additionally, we will seek to build data sets that are interpretable and add value through, for example, risk analysis and predictive risk modelling.

In the coming months, Sedex and Clearview will be developing a 12-month strategy to develop key deliverables for the partnership.

CRT Japan

CRT Japan is our Sedex Global Representative in Japan. The partnership, finalised in 2015, was the result of several years of collaboration between Sedex and CRT Japan to raise awareness of responsible sourcing issues in Asia and help companies gain greater transparency within their supply chains. CRT Japan provides account management services and training to Sedex members as well as conducting new-business activities and hosting events in the region.

About CRT Japan: The Caux Round Table (CRT) is an international network of experienced business leaders, who work with business and political leaders to design the intellectual strategies, management tools and practices to strengthen private enterprise and public governance to improve our global community. In Japan, Caux Round Table Japan helps companies integrate CSR into their corporate strategy and management system. Since 2012, CRT Japan coordinates a multi-stakeholder platform to discuss adverse human rights impacts which business may be involved with through their activities and in their supply chain, and provides the tools to manage and monitor them through the global network.

Higg Co

In 2020, Sedex formed a partnership with Higg Co to broaden Sedex’s environmental sustainability insights for businesses and their supply chains. Higg Co is a technology company that provides sustainability performance management tools for consumer goods industries, including the apparel, footwear, and textile sector. Higg Co offers a comprehensive supply chain measurement and improvement system and supports implementation of the Higg Index, with sustainability software that provides powerful insight into supply chain sustainability impact.

International Labour Organization (ILO)

We’re pleased to be working with the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Responsible Supply Chains in Asia (RSCA) programme to drive responsible business practices and supply chain sustainability.

The ILO’s RSCA programme aims to drive responsible business practices through Asian supply chains, to support wider social, economic, and environmental goals. With 46% of Sedex members based in Asia, including thousands of suppliers for global brands, Sedex’s Asia team are actively involved across the region, and with the RSCA programme.

Find out more about how we’re working together.

Stronger Together

After many years of working closely together, Sedex has formed a formal partnership with Stronger Together. Stronger Together is a multi-stakeholder initiative aiming to reduce modern slavery– particularly hidden forced labour, trafficking and exploitation. Many of our members already work closely with this well-known organisation and our focus through this partnership will be to promote and launch shared initiatives across the globe and in to new sectors. Drawing on the expertise of both organisations is essential to drive modern slavery out of the value chain. More updates about this partnership will be available later this year.

United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

Sedex is a signatory of the UNGC and a non-business member of the UK local network (GCLN-UK). Sedex is an active member of the UNGC Supply Chain Sustainability Advisory Group and Anti-Corruption working group and actively consults and feeds into the outputs of these groups and others.

Download the Sedex UNGC Communication on Engagement 2018-2020.

About the UN Global Compact: The UN Global Compact works toward the vision of a sustainable and inclusive global economy which delivers lasting benefits to people, communities, and markets.

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