Sedex to speak at Confederation of Indian Industry Sustainability Summit

In September Sedex’s head of India, Vishal Londhe will be speaking at the 15th CII Sustainability Summit.

The annual Confederation of Indian Industry’s Sustainability Summit (8-10 September)  is designed to bring forth ideas and thought leadership on shaping the coming decade, deliberating on solutions which are sustainable, fair and equitable.

On 9 September Sedex’s Vishal Londhe will introduce a report jointly produced by Sedex and the Confederation of Indian Industry. It takes an in-depth look at the Indian market, as India evolves from a consumer market into one of the most prominent sourcing partners for countries worldwide.

Special Report: The role of Indian companies in responsible business

As India’s role in the global value chain increases, Indian companies become more accountable for sustainability across their supply chains. The drivers of sustainable business include consumer expectations, pressure from investors and the evolving legislative landscape.

However, as a company works to integrate sustainability across its supply chain, it faces several macro and micro-level challenges. Indian companies need to identify these challenges and design suitable strategies to achieve this sustainability.

This report is the first publication of its kind by Sedex and the Confederation of Indian Industry for Indian businesses. The report will support companies in their work towards sustainable supply chains.

Vishal will be speaking alongside business and government leaders from India and worldwide including Sanjiv Puri, Shoko Noda and Professor K. Vijay Raghavan. Please join us for this special virtual event.

You can find more information on the summit on the website-

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