Sedex Consulting FAQs

What is Sedex Consulting?

Sedex Consulting is our latest bespoke service aimed at supporting businesses of all sizes and industries in starting or enhancing their responsible sourcing journey.

Sedex Consulting brings together leading data insights and industry expertise to create a tailored approach around your business needs and challenges, using effective and innovative solutions.

Sedex helps you meet your strategic goals while delivering positive change that is important to you and to your key stakeholders.

What are the benefits of Sedex Consulting?

Sedex Consulting can help you achieve practical and tangible solutions and ensure compliance with current and upcoming human rights due diligence legislation. It also supports you to proactively manage supply chain risk and remediation, and drive long-term positive change.

By actively evaluating your business programmes to ensure effective ethical sourcing practices, you will prevent financial and reputational risks. Your organisation could lead with best practices at industry and cross-industry level and explore new business opportunities.

Sedex Consulting will support you at any stage of your responsible sourcing journey to bring you closer to achieving your business goals while creating value for all stakeholders.

How can Sedex Consulting help my organisation?

Sedex Consulting collaborates with your business to help you meet your goals and identify priority areas for development and enhancement. We understand every company is different and will be at a different stage in their responsible sourcing and human rights due diligence journey. Our team will create a plan that suits your business and delivers tangible results.

Some of the areas where we could help you include:

– Responsible sourcing programmes

– Legislative support and fulfilling reporting requirements such as the UK Modern Slavery Act

– Risk assessment and risk management

– Responsible sourcing leadership and training

– Using Sedex data effectively to inform policy and practice

– Topic-specific support, such as gender and D&EI programmes

Is Sedex Consulting for new or existing members?

Sedex Consulting is available to all organisations, including existing, new and non-members.

Do I get access to Sedex Consulting if I am a Sedex member?

Yes, this service is available to all members at an additional cost, and is done on a project by project basis.

How do I get started with Sedex consulting?

To get started, you can get in contact with our team at [email protected].

Where does Sedex Consulting operate?

Our Sedex Consulting team is currently based in the UK. However, Sedex is an international organisation and can work with companies around the world, regardless of industry or location.

What is the Sedex consulting methodology?

Our Consulting methodology is based on internationally recognised frameworks such as the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. We called this methodology the Seven Pillars of responsible sourcing. This methodology is a comprehensive toolkit of activities and programme stages that can help you understand where your organisation is in their journey and where to start or continue to develop strategies to source responsibly.

What kind of support has Sedex Consulting provided so far?

Sedex has supported several of our new members to design, embed and implement a responsible sourcing programme from scratch – from designing the strategy and setting commitments, to engaging with suppliers and reporting on progress. Many of these programmes are still underway as we support the implementation of the programme over time. Other support has included reviews and recommendations on ESG and Human Rights policies and processes, reporting of risk information for nationally mandated disclosures, and writing of Modern Slavery Act action plans and statements.