Sedex and Bluenumber announce partnership

We are pleased to announce that Sedex and Bluenumber are collaborating to improve visibility and create impact within global supply chains. The aim of the partnership is to use open data and mobile technology to develop an approach to supply chain transparency, which helps companies and people declare their sustainability performance.


The blue number acts as a unique identifier for use by anyone involved in the supply chain: from farmers, producers, distributors and vendors to consumers. When blue numbers are allocated to various parts of the supply chain (such as small farmers or garment workers) they can be recognised immediately as actual individuals making a necessary contribution to that supply chain.

For Sedex members, the use of bluenumber unique identifiers – used at a geo-located site and person level – can be used in Sedex services to help members with supply chain visibility and performance reporting.

Sedex and Bluenumber are both standards-neutral. The partnership will focus on supporting individuals and companies within the value chain to share their own information and data on values and practices, and invite peer-to-peer corroboration and verification. This will support businesses to better demonstrate their sustainability investment and performance.

Look out for more news and the first results of this partnership soon.

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