Sedex Awards 2019 nominee shortlist

The Sedex Awards recognise the fantastic work done by Sedex members globally and gives them the opportunity to highlight the sustainable work they have carried out across a range of industries.


Sedex Awards Dinner

The Sedex Awards will be presented on Tuesday 26th March 2019 at the Sedex Awards Dinner, Grand Connaught Rooms.

We invite you to join us at the awards evening hosted by Martine Croxall, BBC. The Awards Dinner is your opportunity to join sustainability leaders from around the world and celebrate the progress in responsible sourcing.


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Sedex 2019 Awards

This year we have five awards categories highlighting collaboration, environmental and labour programmes. Award entries were shortlisted based on their level of innovation, the scale of impact and implementation, possibility of replication and transparency of communication and leadership.

Best Collaborative Effort 

Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils (DSO) is a 50:50 partnership between Indigenous Australians and the Australian plantation industry that produces ethical and sustainable Australian sandalwood oil (Santalum spicatum). All oil coming from DSO has a 50% Indigenous financial benefit will all royalties controlled by Indigenous people.

ScanCom’s Young Worker Development program is promoting human rights within communities and applying new methods to help to protect human health and the environment from risks posed by chemicals. In addition, their various programs include the optimisation of energy by using more efficient products and processes, with creative solutions that add value to clients, communities and the planet.


Working together to improve accommodation standards for workers in the UK. Retailers, fresh produce suppliers, industry bodies and consultants have developed a number of resources to aid continuous improvement – with plans to take best practice to an international level.


Best Health & Safety/Labour Programme (Buyers)

Britvic is committed to making a positive difference to the health of its consumers. Through the Healthier People pillar of its sustainability programme ‘A Healthier Everyday’, Britvic has taken bold steps to help people make healthier choices, including improving the nutritional value of its drinks through reformulation and innovation, and through partnerships and responsible marketing.

Driscoll’s have developed a comprehensive approach to compliance that extends beyond auditing and is designed to address barriers to worker welfare. They have facilitated collaboration between their growers and NGOs, customers, and local governments to enable workers to better understand and access legal social security entitlements. In Mexico and Morocco, they have reached over 40,000 workers and their families’


Through the ‘Delivering Our Values’ programme, G’s Fresh has committed to continually improving the protection of human rights and labour conditions within its supply chain. The programme provides central monitoring/advisory services and project leadership, while emphasising collaboration and ownership at site level.


Best Health & Safety/Labour Programme (Suppliers)

Epyllion’s driving force is its human spirit. Through responsible manufacturing, Epyllion Group ensure sustainable business by providing their employees with a safe workplace, improved health & safety conditions, support of education of worker families, and ensuring equal rights for all.


Pantaleon’s Responsible Sourcing program in Guatemala aims at improving compliance within labour, workplace health & safety, human rights and environmental practices. They promote the sustainability of independent cane providers and improve the wellbeing of their employees.


Snowtex Outerwear are committed to improving the lives of their workers. They have engaged in over 18 improvement projects, including the provision of free food to 8000 employees, the establishment of a buddy system for new employees, mental health support, free medicines, subsidiaries on female hygiene products and the introduction of a monthly Happiness Survey


Best Environmental Sustainability Programme (Buyers)

Mace are aiming to lead in the development of sustainable infrastructure. One of their core business values is integrity and to be a responsible business. Their 2022 responsible business (RB 2022) drives everything that they do. They will use RB 2022 to deliver an annual £500m net positive contribution towards society by 2022.

Plantation Plus is a signature program to Grow our Impact in the communities where we live and operate. ‘One tree, Every employee, Each year’, enabling employees to demonstrate commitment to enhancing the environment and paving the way for the future.

Green day – the Environmental engagement event at Refresco Bridgwater, with over 250 participants across 29 workshops in 6 subject areas. Subjects covered include sustainable travel, energy use, steam generation, utility supply, waste and recycling, and packaging sustainability. The workshops were supplier lead in their areas of expertise. This enabled Refresco to cover subject areas in as much detail as possible whilst simultaneously engaging their supply chain in their sustainability program”.


Best Environmental Sustainability Programme (Suppliers)

JCDecaux has a highly visible presence at the heart of urban life. Their environmental sustainability program is consistently reducing their energy consumption through improvements to their street furniture, vehicles and buildings. This has resulted in a reduction of water use, plastic advertising and carbon emissions, whilst achieving their zero to landfill objectives.

Varcli Pinares S.A is a small family banana farm committed to improving sustainability in their industry. They have done this by addressing fair wages, introducing renewable energy systems, water and soil preservation techniques, as well as investing resources into protecting the wildlife of Costa Rica’.


Sustainability is at the core at Welspun! We have built a Sewage Treatment Plant to collect sewage from Gandhidham-Adipur & Anjar and re-cycle the waste water which improves the conditions for surrounding communities and also reduces fresh water consumption from the Narmada river for manufacturing purpose.


Meet the Award judges

Mark Driscoll, Founder, and Director at Tasting the Future

Svetlana Yarovikova, Senior Risk Manager at Carlsberg

Doroteya Vladimirova, Senior Research Associate, Centre for Industrial Sustainability Institute at University of Cambridge

Jermyn Brooks, Chair, Business Advisory Board, Transparency International


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