Sedex Awards 2018 shortlist

We are thrilled to announce the shortlist for the Sedex Awards 2018, which celebrate the fantastic work done by Sedex Members worldwide.


The Award Categories and shortlist

This year, there are four award categories, each open to a different type of Sedex Member:


Best Example of Continuous Improvement (Buyer (A) and Buyer/Supplier (AB) members):

Examples of how a positive impact has been made within the supply chain through a project or programme of continuous improvement.


  • adm Group (UK): adm is a global marketing services business partnering with leading consumer brands to support the execution of their marketing strategies globally. adm’s supply chain solutions deliver competitive advantage and cost optimisation whilst adhering to best-in-class CSR practices. adm rigorously assess their suppliers, working closely with them to achieve 100% compliance.
  • Co-op (UK): Co-op’s global supplier engagement programme seeks to work collaboratively to raise standards through providing a comprehensive range of capacity building activities, building transparent supplier relations, measuring performance based on behaviours such as ownership, and supporting the creation of local supplier forums to drive sustainable change.
  • Mondelez (USA): In 2012, Mondelēz International launched Cocoa Life, its holistic sustainability program backed by a $400 million investment and rooted in a vision of thriving and empowered cocoa communities as the necessary foundation to a sustainable cocoa supply chain.


Best Collaborative Effort (Buyer/Supplier (AB) and Supplier (B) members):

Examples of how a supplier has used collaboration or partnership with customers, suppliers or other stakeholders to improve working conditions or to solve a responsible sourcing challenge.


  • James Cropper (UK): James Cropper, along with UK retailer Selfridges and waste management expert Veolia, has worked to forge a supply chain whereby used coffee cups from Selfridges’ offices and stores are upcycled into its iconic yellow shopping bags in a completely unique closed-loop recycling solution.
  • Kellogg (USA): Kellogg is nominated for its collaboration with Maxx Marketing. They have been an agency and supplier for the company since 2004. They continue to develop their operation and the manufacturing facilities they use to maintain high ethical practices, robust standards and regular monitoring.
  • Total Worldfresh (UK): In March 2017, in collaboration with Emerging Leaders & M&S, the ‘Leadership for Life’ training programme was delivered for the workers at one of the first United Exports production sites in South Africa, Mbiza Berries.


Most Innovative New Programme (Service Providers):

Examples of how an innovative supply chain monitoring, capacity building or worker engagement programme has helped support positive impact or continuous improvement within the supply chain.


  • Globalised Compaign Welfare Society (India): Providing guidance on social compliance and female safety for factories so they can improve their social performance over time.
  • Laborlink (USA): Laborlink by ELEVATE is a mobile technology that establishes a two-way communication channel for workers to share their anonymous viewpoints in real-time, and for companies to receive unfiltered data directly from workers. This scalable approach of worker engagement enables companies to drive improvements and have greater visibility into supply chains.
  • &Wider (Netherlands & South Africa): Direct worker reporting via mobile for suppliers, buyers, auditors and platforms interested in hearing directly from workers. Why? To better identify urgencies and measure improvements in working conditions along global supply chains. How? Through front-loading support, triggering trust, demonstrating anonymity to workers and benefits to suppliers, and simple dashboards.


Best New Programme Implemented (Buyer (A), Buyer/Supplier (AB) and Supplier (B) members):

Examples of how members at any stage of their responsible sourcing journey have successfully implemented a new programme.


  • Clas Ohlson (Sweden): Clas Ohlson works with QuizRR, a Swedish company, to build capacity and awareness in the supply chain. Innovative training solutions in workers’ rights and responsibilities, health & safety and worker engagement contribute to long-term positive effects and strong inclusive relationships with strategic suppliers.
  • Classic Fashion (Jordan): The Centre for Excellence in Garment Manufacturing has delivered technical skill development to 290 Jordanians; with 250 being employed in Classic Fashion and 40 others joining other factories. The target for the next year is to deliver training and gain employability for 3000 more Jordanians by the end of 2019.
  • Jinnat Knitwear Ltd (Bangladesh): The Female Supervisor Leadership Program was initiated in 2014 to promote female Line Operators to the Supervisor position, allowing the workforce to feel empowered and reducing female employee turnover.


How the Sedex Awards work

  • After the closing date of 16th February 2018, the Sedex team reviewed all submissions before creating the above shortlist of the top three entries per category
  • The shortlisted candidates have been invited to attend the Sedex Conference 2018
  • A small panel of expert judges (non-Sedex Members) will review the shortlist and select one winner per category
  • The award ceremony will take place on 13th March 2018 at the Sedex Conference 2018 during the Awards and networking dinner, when the winner of each category will be presented with a trophy



Sedex Dinner and Awards

The winners were announced during the exclusive Sedex Dinner and Awards, held on the evening of the 13th of March.


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