Responsible business thinking: interview with GSCS Managing Director Abdul Mottaleb

Ahead of Sedex’s first Virtual APAC Conference, we caught up with Abdul Mottaleb, Managing Director of GSCS to get his insights on the challenges, trends and tech impacting responsible business practices.


Why are responsible business practices becoming more important?

Great trust can be built through having responsible business practices at every level of a company’s operations. A responsible business can strengthen relationships with clients, employees, investors, society and communities. By practicing a responsible business approach, the cost of operations can be reduced, and a business can be run innovatively, both of which are beneficial to the bottom line.


What do you think are the most important recent trends in social sustainability?

From a business perspective, social sustainability is about understanding the impacts of corporations on people and society.

For me, it’s the adaption of marketing as a positive force for change. Marketing promotes certification and traceability schemes to consumers, investors and industry while fostering a more equitable world.


What industry challenges do you think are most pressing in responsible sourcing?

The most pressing industry challenge is the monitoring and accumulating of data from suppliers and sources in extensive supply chains. Maintaining responsible practices in relation to the environment, health and safety, labour standards and business ethics through data accumulation is the major challenge in responsible sourcing. Getting information and ensuring that you have the right data is not very easy.


Do you see any technology that is helping/will really help responsible business progress?

From my perspective, the notion and emergence of corporate digital responsibility (CDR), the use of digital technologies to promote ethical and sustainable practices, will help responsible business practices progress a great deal.


Which stakeholder roles do you think are becoming more important in practicing a responsible business approach?

The roles of international organisations and governments are becoming more important in driving responsible business practices. For instance, the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and associated 169 integrated goals have encouraged sustainability from a business and social perspective. The governmental role in upholding ethical and responsible business practices by implementing regulations can never be understated. In addition, brands and manufacturers can build closer relationships to endorse the socially responsible business approach as mandatory and not just good practice.


Abdul Mottaleb is the Managing Director of GSCS. We’d like to thank GSCS for sponsoring the Sedex APAC Conference.

The Conference takes place on the 14th – 15th October 2020, you can register here.


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