Worker Wellbeing Assessment

What is the Worker Wellbeing Assessment?

A new worker-centric tool that measures worker satisfaction and job quality to support buyers and employers increase to move beyond compliance and measure their impact on workers’ lives. The Tool package consists of a survey that can be carried out with workers through a range of approaches, guidance on methodology and a reporting framework.

Download the Worker Wellbeing Assessment brochure

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The Worker Wellbeing Assessment is included within the Sedex membership and is made up of a Guidance & Reporting tool, which can be accessed through our e-learning platform here.

The tool can be used using 4 different collection methods:

  1. Site Management – 1st Party
  2. Buyer / customer – 2nd Party
  3. Audit company – 3rd Party
  4. Mobile Survey Provider – 3rd Party

Mobile survey providers already offering the Worker Well-being Assessment:

This Worker Wellbeing Assessment guidance has been developed by a working group in the Sedex Stakeholder Forum, in conjunction with AIM Progress. It is made available to the wider AIM Progress and Sedex members for international and global use. We encourage the use of this document and appreciate any feedback to enhance the tool further in the near future. For further questions please email: To provide anonymous input and comments please click here.

View the Worker Wellbeing Assessment on Sedex e-Learning

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