SLCP Assessments

Sedex is an accredited host of SLCP – the Social & Labor Convergence Program.

SLCP provides a Converged Assessment Framework that aims to improve working conditions in global apparel and footwear factories. Sedex provides the platform for facilities (suppliers) to upload their SLCP assessments and have these verified by a verifying body.

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What is SLCP?

SLCP is a multi-stakeholder program aiming to improve working conditions within the global apparel and footwear sectors. SLCP has over 200 signatories, including manufacturers, brands, civil society, standard holders, (inter) governmental organisations and service providers. SLCP signatories jointly develop and maintain the Converged Assessment Framework.

Collaborating on this program enables both Sedex and SLCP to jointly meet our mission to improve working conditions in the global apparel and footwear industries and positively impact the people working in supply chains.

Using Sedex as an accredited host

Sedex is the world’s leading online collaborative platform for sharing responsible sourcing data to improve working conditions in supply chains. We work with nearly 10,000 buyers and suppliers working in the global apparel and footwear sectors and support over 55,000 businesses in 180 countries.

Sedex can provide your business with the tools, training, networking and solutions to manage risk in your supply chain, improve your ethical business practices, and achieve sustainability and higher business performance.

We are partnering with SLCP as we believe we can continue to reduce duplication and make lasting improvements to positively impact working conditions.

Facilities (Suppliers) who join Sedex can share their SLCP assessments and other documents with their customers using our platform. Using Sedex also provides you with a wide range of tools and guidance to help your business share, analyse and assess issues on your site, supporting you to improve your health, safety and working conditions in your business.

Sedex Supplier membership costs £100 per facility/ site per year and you can join here.

For members who are using SLCP, Sedex offers webinars outlining how to manage this process on Sedex Advance. By engaging with our webinars, as well as step-by-step guidance on Sedex e-Learning, you will have all you need to set yourself up for SLCP assessments. There is also guidance for auditors who are working as part of the Social and Labour Convergence Programme.  Webinars will run each week in July 2019 and can be booked here. Step-by-step guidance is available for buyers, suppliers and auditors on Sedex e-Learning. Please note, you need to be logged in to the Sedex platform for these links to work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Converged Assessment Framework?

The Converged Assessment Framework consists of a Data Collection Tool, Verification Protocol and Verifier Guidance. The first step in the process is a self-assessment questionnaire (the Data Collection Tool) that a facility (supplier) completes about the health, safety and working conditions of their site. A customer organisation will request for a facility to undertake an assessment and the facility will complete this. The facility’s responses are then verified by an SLCP verifying body using the Verification Protocol and Verifier Guidance . The verified assessment is shared with the customer via the platform.

What are the benefits of completing the program?

A verified assessment can be shared with multiple apparel and footwear customers who use the SLCP framework. This aims to eliminate audit fatigue – eliminate duplication and reduce the number of social and labour audits, by replacing current proprietary assessment tools.

The customer’s (buyer’s) aim for a verified assessment is to help educate suppliers to improve their site working conditions and take ownership of the results, to become a responsible business. It also promotes collaboration, helping to produce programs for lasting improvements.

What is an accredited host?

An accredited host provides SLCP with a platform for SLCP assessments to be uploaded and verified by a verifying body.

Sedex has integrated the Converged Assessment Framework and its business rules into our platform Sedex Advance. This means that facilities and (SLCP approved) verifiers can use Sedex to collect and enter required information and complete an SLCP assessment. The Sedex platform is connected to the SLCP central distribution Gateway, hosted by the International Trade Centre (ITC). This way the SLCP assessment data can be widely shared.

What is the SLCP Assessment Process?

Step 1 – Collect data

Facilities complete a self assessment questionnaire about their site in the Data Collection Tool.

Step 2 – Verify the data

A verifier will check the data is complete and correct using the Verification Protocol and Verifier Guidance. A Verifier Oversight Organization (VOO) will be in place to approve verifiers and perform quality checks.

Step 3 – Share the data and host on Sedex

The verified assessments is shared through Sedex as the accredited host and through the SLCP distribution gateway.

What is the difference between an audit and an SLCP assessment?

An audit is a set of questions that a third-party auditor will complete about a site’s labour, health and safety conditions against a standard or compliance level, and can also include information about business ethics and the environment. This is then shared with the supplier and shared with a customer.

The SLCP assessment allows a facility (supplier) to complete a self assessment of their site’s labour, health and safety conditions. In this way, the supplier is an active participant in their facility’s own data collection. This facility takes ownership of any required actions from the assessment report, relating to improving health, safety or working conditions. The report is then verified by a third party. The facility retains ownership of their data and can decide with whom they want to share their verified assessment.

SLCP helps to deliver verified data that can be uploaded to different systems. Sedex is then able to provide facilities with the tools and resources to analyse this data and manage their own improvements to their site.

How is SLCP different to Sedex and other Sedex products, such as SMETA?

The SLCP verified assessment program is specific to the apparel, garment and footwear sector and is recognised by many apparel and footwear brands and retailers. You can access the full list of SLCP signatories here.

The program looks specifically at labour standards – including working conditions, health and safety. This is complementary to Sedex’s Self-Assessment Questionnaire and audit methodology, SMETA, which covers four areas of labour, health and safety, environment and business ethics. This range of products allows our members to choose the most suitable responsible sourcing tools to meet their needs.

Once an assessment or audit has been completed, members will have full access to Sedex’s growing range of products and services to support improvement programs and capacity building. Collaborating on this project means that SLCP and Sedex can drive improvements in working conditions together.