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Whether you are a global retail brand or manufacturer, an international agent, or a single production site, Sedex can help you simplify the business of responsible sourcing. Join Sedex as a buyer or buyer/supplier and you can begin mapping your supply chain, identify higher risk suppliers and initiate social and ethical audits.

There are two membership types for buyers:

Buyer (A) membership is for organisations that only wish to view and run reports on their supply chain. As a Buyer member you can:

  • See your suppliers’ data on responsible practice
  • Run reports on your suppliers’ data
  • Carry out risk assessments

Buyer/supplier (AB) membership is for organisations that wish to view and run reports on their supply chain and share information with their customers. As a buyer/supplier you have the same functionality as a buyer (A) member but can also:

  • Upload and store your own data on responsible practice, including audits, certificates and corrective action plans
  • Complete an assessment for your own sites
  • Run reports on your own data
  • Share your data with customers
  • See your suppliers’ data
  • Run reports on your suppliers’ data
  • Carry out risk assessments


What services do I get with Buyer membership?

Products and Services included with Buyer Membership Optional Extras
Sedex Advance

Risk Assessment Tool

Buyer Training

Forced Labour Indicator Reports


Sedex e-Learning

Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

Supplier Workbook

Sedex Member Directory

Tailored Training

Global Training

Code of Conduct Acceptance Programme

Supplier Engagement

Audit Management

Ethical Trade Coordinator Service

Supplier Member Renewal Service

As a member of Sedex, you also gain access to best-practice guidance, advice and updates to enable you to improve your business practices further.

How much does buyer membership cost?

For buyer (A) and buyer/supplier (AB) members there are two parts to the membership fee:

  • A one-off set up cost
  • An annual subscription fee

Both of these are determined by annual sales turnover. The set up cost includes training and account management support to help you get the most from your Sedex membership.


Annual sales turnover Set up cost Annual subscription fee Total cost (first year)
< £10 million £2,402 £2,700 £5,102
£10 – 100 million £3,274 £3,500 £6,774
£101 – 500 million £5,135 £4,200 £9,335
£501 – £1 billion £5,927 £5,100 £11,027
£1 – 2 billion £6,798 £5,900 £12,698
£2 – 5 billion £13,471 £9,800 £23,271
£5 – 8 billion £22,858 £19,500 £42,358
£8 – 15 billion £31,992 £29,000 £60,992
> £15 billion £41,237 £39,000 £80,237


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